Gold Rush Slot

gold-rush Gold Rush is a traditional three reel electronic slot machine that invokes memories of the Old West. You play the role of a prospector, sifting through the riverbanks at the foot of a mountain in hopes of vast wealth and fortune, much like the role of the traditional gambler in today’s society.


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Learning the interface of Gold Rush entices the most novice of electronic slot machine players. The pay scale does not require the player to open another window to view; rather it is shown directly on the front screen of the machine itself. This gives the player a distinct advantage. The advantage of this is that when a player decides to take a spin on the slot machine he or she does not have to wonder where or why their decided pay out came from without having to access an outside source. This allows the player to be comfortable and allows the player additional time to get in extra spins and therefore more bang for their buck.

The icons the user is greeted with are simple and straightforward. Included in the game are a single bar, a double bar, a triple bar, bags of money, a prospecting tin, your character himself and your character as a wild card. Not only are these icons succinct, they also lend themselves to the overall nature of the game. While some electronic machines have multiple combinations, although enticing when considering overall odds, can also be daunting for a new player without a clear grasp of the rules.

The player may bet a minimum of $0.30 and a maximum of $30.00. This spectrum of wagers is friendly to the beginning and novice gambler. The betting field is fair to people of all budgets, as the top prize only benefits the betting maximum on the best possible draw in the entire game. Each and every other prize is evenly rationed whether the player bets one coin or three.

The experience of Gold Rush is light and fun. While some electronic machines are big on graphics, flash and pizazz, Gold Rush is here clearly for people to have a good time and make money. The machine invokes a simpler time which is casual and inviting to the user. Gold Rush is the perfect game for a person who wants to try the allure of the electronic casino but does not have the experience of a seasoned professional with a steady bankroll in their digital wallets.

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