Golden Gates Casino, Black Hawk – Colorado

Location of Golden Gates Casino in Black Hawk, Colorado

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Golden Gate Casino

If you love Poker, then Golden Gate Casino would be the best place for you to visit being they have the largest poker rooms in the city of Black Hawk, Colorado and they have poker tournaments all most every day throughout the week. Golden Gate hosts the Heartland Poker Tour every year in their casino with the highest prize winnings being $750,000. There’s a total of 18-poker table in the casino along with 273 slot machines, 6 blackjack pits, 1 roulette table, and 1 craps table. Golden Gates Casino and Poker Parlour are the founding home of the Colorado Poker Championship, which is a tournament that boasts a prize pool of approximately $500,000. If you are not able to get the biggest prize you are guaranteed to leave the poker room a winner with the option of earning comps while playing poker, which you can use to purchase food and casino merchandise. The poker room is open 24 hours every day and the tournaments 10am, 12pm, 3pm & 7pm daily.

I recommend that you become a member of the A-play Club in the Golden Gate Casino so that you will be able to earn points while you play slots and video poker, which you are able to get a point for every dollar you spend on a slot machine and you are able to earn a point for every two dollars you spend on video poker. When you get you’re A-Play Card, you will be able to receive mail offers from Golden Gate, which you might get free a room for three days plus meal comps and free play on your card. There are different levels you can achieve on you’re A-play cards such as if you get 1,000 points on your card in six months you will achieve the silver level player, if you achieve 40,000 in six months you achieve gold level, and if you achieve 125,000 points in six months you will reach the platinum level. I’m not a big fan of the table games so slots are my best friends so I have to have my A-play Club card with me every time I come to Golden Gate to play because even if I don’t win on the slot machine, which I can’t recall I wasn’t lucky, I will have the chance to win money and other great offers on my card.

If you are a fan of blackjack, I guarantee you will love you the women that will be dealing your cards, which they are called the G-Girl dealers. All of the G-Girl women are beautiful and friendly to all the players and they love to make your gambling experience fun with conversation. One of the beautiful women that are a part of the G-Girls is Cali and she loves to meet new people in the casino. Cali also loves to ride dirt bikes, go snowboarding, biking, hiking, and climbing. Cassaundra is another member of the G-Girls and she loves to interact with the players who come to her dealer table and she loves to play poker and video games, but don’t be surprised to catch her at the Gold Bar because she is a sports fan of the Colorado teams. Jill is another generous woman who is a part of the G-Girls and she loves to serve her favorite players so I recommend at least showing your head often at her dealer table. Jill’s a rugby player and she enjoys traveling, hiking, fine dining and art. Now you know what the majority of the G-Girls like so all you have to do is go the Golden Gate and make conversation or they will make conversation with you.

If you would like to get something to fill your stomach and cravings so you can get back to gambling, the Full House Café would be a perfect choice for you. What I like the most about Full House is that they serve breakfast all throughout the day, which I love to get a sausage or bacon breakfast sandwich when I’m on the go, but when I’m plan to sit down I like to enjoy their steak and eggs. The breakfast menu contains breakfast burritos, fruit cups, yogurt, cinnamon rolls, and bagels. They have a wide variety of burgers and sandwiches such as the Mardi burger, double burger, veggie burger, Philly cheesesteak, tuna sandwich, pastrami sandwich, steak sandwich, grilled chicken, grilled cheese, wraps, hot dogs, and you can create your sandwich which I love to do so I can add all my favorite toppings on a customize burger and sandwich. If you would like to have a healthy meal you can always get a salad such as the house salad, veggie tray, or pasta Salad. The appetizers are so good that you might forget about getting a main entrée when you have the options of getting mozzarella sticks, boneless wings, chicken fingers, wings, French fries, onion rings, and nachos, which are my favorite. If you are in the mood for soup, then Full House has the best choice of soup you can get and they also have green chili and gumbo available as well. If you have a sweet tooth, you can also get some candy bars, chips, cookies, ice cream, brownies, and muffin from Full House.

The Gold Bar is the perfect place in the Golden Gate Casino to relax and enjoy a wide variety of cocktails, draft beer, and wine. If you need a break from gambling or would like to celebrate your winnings, then the Gold bar would be the best place for you, especially after an experience how perfect the customer service is which the staff always do their best to accommodate everyone. The Gold Bar has a total of 22 TVs so you can catch all your favorite sports games while drinking your favorite beverage while in good company such as with the staff and people who are interested in the games just like you. If you would try something new, just feel free to ask the bartender to recommend you a drink.

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