Goldenman Slot

so-80s If you’ve ever dreamed of tagging along for a day in the life of a superhero among the ranks of Iron Man and the Hulk, get ready for your own super adventure with Goldenman in his five-reel video slot machine.


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Choose to play a single line or up to 20 lines. Line patterns include the traditional single center line, top or bottom single lines, inverted single-line V patterns, checkerboard patterns, and double-line patterns. Choose the line or lines you want to play by clicking “Select Lines” and clicking on the number of lines you wish to play – click 1 to play the single center line, 11 to play the first 11 lines, and on from there. For a diagram of which numbers play which lines, view the bottom of the Pay Table screen. If you want to play all lines possible, just click “Bet Max.”

Once you’ve chosen the lines you want to play, spin the five reels to match gold bars, the villain Fool’s Gold, Goldenman masks, and more. Match symbols in your chosen lines to win coins, but be on the lookout for Scatter icons that help you complete your lines without matching symbols. Spin an Expanding Wild icon to change the entire reel and help you complete lines. Spin three Scatter icons depicting Goldenman holding his hand up to win 15 free spins at a 2x multiplier. If you spin additional free spins during your free spins, they’re added to your tally, and the slot machine cycles through all of your accumulated free spins. Your total winnings for your free spins are calculated in the tally section and added to your total once the free spins are completed. Additionally, the Expanding Wilds, which live only in reel one during regular play, can be found in reels one through three during free spins.

Want a little extra bang for your buck? Spin three flying Goldenman icons to enter into the bonus round. You’ll collect points by shooting down jets flown by the nefarious Fool’s Gold. If you played the maximum amount of coins and lines to get into the bonus round, you’ll receive an extra shot at the jets. Your points are converted into dollars that are added to your bank once you are out of the bonus round.

Goldenman is a high-flying video slot machine with boundless ways to win, extra play options, and the chance to become as rich and famous as Goldenman himself.


  1. why this game can not be opened?

  2. Goldenman works just fine, please refresh the page if you are having issues loading.

  3. Yes, it worked very fine played the game first time enjoyed it very much.

  4. For me, this game theme is more like a combination between a fairy tale and super hero realm… why fairy tale? Because fools gold remind me to Rumplestilskin character… I hope you’ll defeat the villain…

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