Grandmas Attic Slot

grandmas-atticGrandma’s Attic is the perfect video slot game for any player who wants to take a stab at something more exciting than a traditional slot game. It offers players the variety that comes with 15 play lines and 5 reels. The scene is set in grandma’s attic with a host of characters and collectibles. The whole concept revolves around a young boy who is tempted to unlock the mysteries that are contained in his grandmother’s attic. Gamers will join the young hero. While he is fearful, his curiosity wins out in the end as he is prompted to enter the attic and discover what is in store for him. The game brings out the child in everyone, taking them back to the days when they dreamed of scavenger hunts, treasure maps, and pirate’s ship. Chances are most everyone had a grandma with a house full of secrets. In Grandma’s Attic, players will love the excitement that comes with poking in all of the crevices, leaving no object unturned to see what the game holds in store for them.


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The Chance for a Win Will Make Players Stick it Out
As in every video slot game, one never knows what is going to happen. It is that hint of mystery and the enticement for bonuses or money that will draw players in for a return round of Grandma’s Attic. Spin the wheel of fortune for even more fun along the way, opening the door to wilds, free spins, and bonuses. This game never grows old when a blend of classic fruit symbols and hidden objects pop up during play.

Dive in for Free or Turn Up the Heat with Real Cash
For the cautious gamer or the player who likes to give a game a go before actually risking any hard-earned money, Grandma’s Attic will not disappoint. Players can always check out the fun for free. The creators from Rival know exactly what they’re doing, perfecting a formula that makes most players switch over to the real thing. It’s hard to resist when every round of Grandma’s Attic is so much fun. When gamers get a taste of a fake win during free play, many will feel like they have no choice but to start placing real bets.

Fun for Young and Old
From young gamers who like great graphics and catchy tunes to older players who enjoy something off the beaten path, Grandma’s Attic is a great alternative that will not disappoint. It offers a spirit of fun, indulges the inner child in all of us, and is good, clean fun. For any player who likes a bit of mystery and wants to take a walk down Memory Lane, Grandma’s Attic is the place to be. It is sure to bring back yesterday and afternoons spent with grandparents, talking about days gone by while staring at one treasure after another. Grandma’s Attic is a treasure in itself when it comes to video slot games.

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