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The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community
The ground has already been broken in Minnesota. This has been broken by the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community. Also known as SMSC. The Mystic Lake Casino Hotel has expectations of completing construction near the end of the following year. This casino expansion project is the current Casino and Gambling News for Minnesota. When this expansion project is completed, this will have a brand new nine-story hotel. This will include 180 rooms. These rooms will be alongside a convention center. This is known as Mystic Lake Center. Upon completion, the entire area will be spread all across approximately 20 miles southwest of Minneapolis. This is the development that is located in the City of Prior Lake. This expansion project will be beneficial to many. This expansion will be spread along the 70,000 square foot convention center. Mystic Lake is growing and expanding. This is exciting as well as beneficial.

The Overview of the Plan
The overall plan will include for the following:
1. two large ballrooms
2. An executive boardroom
3. A balcony that will overlook the golf course
4. A complete remodel of 586 rooms in the Mystic Casino Hotel
This plan also includes a few smaller breakout meeting rooms. The full remodel of the rooms will offer a refreshed and invigorating new atmosphere and style.

A Growing Demand
There is a clear purpose for the Mystic Lake Center and the new hotel tower. The purpose is intended to meet a growing demand. This is a demand for the guests who require additional accommodations. These are accommodations that incorporate the need for additional space for groups of various sizes. The goal of this project is to fulfill the mission to provide each and every guest with a superior full-service entertainment experience. The goal is to provide the best experience in the Midwest. Edward Stevenson is the President and CEO for SMCA Gaming Enterprise. Little Six Casino is also operated by SMSC Gaming Enterprise. The grand opening is timed perfectly. The entire project matches the mission to ensure that each guest is provided with an exceptional experience. The Mystic Lake Center and the hotel tower opening is certain to meet the growing demand.

The Hotel and Convention Center in 2017
Expect the new hotel and convention center to open up to the public in 2017. The premiere rooms will offer a stunning overlooking view of Mystic Lake. The main focus of this enhanced and state of the art convention center does not include or involve extra space for gaming. This is a focus on the hotel and convention center itself. Upon the completion of the expansion, the Mystic Lake Casino will be known as the third largest hotel in Minneapolis. It will also be known as the second largest hotel in the metro area.

Creating 400 Employment Opportunities
This is a project that involves the creation of approximately 400 jobs. These are construction jobs and this also will create part-time jobs. These jobs are going to be filled by locals. There will be an extra 100 permanent jobs created too. The extra jobs will be available once the facility opens up. At this time, casino management and Tribal leaders are working on finalizing a contractor.

New Opportunities
There are always new opportunities to be seized. These are opportunities that are being worked on continuously. The idea is to discover the opportunities that will heighten and strengthen Mystic Lake Casino. New opportunities are available for this full-service resort. This expansion does have an approved budget in place. It is expected to attract and encourage new corporate customers. These are opportunities that will result in more patrons and an enhanced environment.