Gulfstream Park, Hallandale Beach – Florida

Location of Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida

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Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino

Some Interesting Facts about Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino in Florida
The Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino is an Amazing Complex
The Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino is a virtual city in itself and it can be called rightfully a theme park. It is a virtual amalgamation of the finest of entertainment, the accessibility to hotels and a multitude of the finest of stores, and the finest of eating establishments, a gaming establishment, and an ongoing, daily horse race track. There are many more features of the themed park which bear notice. Located within the confines of a structured village, there is the close proximity of dozens and dozens of choice store establishments. The establishment is located around its monumental figure of Pegasus, the famous mythological horse, with wings that can fly to heaven and bring forth the thunders and the lighting to the world. Pegasus is the Greek monumental horse that taps his hoof and springs of water come forth for the offering. Pegasus is a most fitting comparison to the thunder and the lighting of the racing feet of the unique, well-groomed horses, whose bodies are so pliable and graceful that they can glide through the track as though they were flying through the air. The totality of the theme park and its establishments is hailed as a winner in all respects.

Address and Directions

The address for this enchanting village is 901 South Federal Highway, Hallandale Beach, Florida. The Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino is located on Skills Run and not far from Route 1, which is parallel to Skills Run and runs north and south. Rout 1 is not far from Old Federal Highway on the left of the map. South Dixie Highway is left of Old Federal Highway. The racetrack is in the middle of the theme park. To the right of the racetrack is Layne Boulevard. Route 858 is above Layne Boulevard.

Information on Officials of the Racetrack

The woman who owns the most horses at the racetrack is none other than Mrs. Adele Dilschneider. She comes from a particularly prominent family in the United States. She is the granddaughter of John Olin. John Olin’s father was Franklin Olin and Franklin was the founder of a series of companies that produced arms, and ammunition, and he built chemical companies of distinction. The college, which is located in Needham, Massachusetts, is named after Franklin Olin. The outlook of the college is to develop engineers who are so talented that they can go beyond the concept of innovation.

The top horse trainer for the Gulfstream Park is Tom Albertrani. He personally put the saddle on the four year old horse, Twilight Express and scored a victory in the race, Pan American with a new time score clocked at 2:22:63. One of the top jokey riders at the Gulfstream Park is Joe Bravo. He is credited with 282 mounts. Jesus Castanon is a leading jockey rider who is credited with the achievement of 131 mounts. Josef Castellano is credited with the achievement of 474 mounts.

Dining that Is Offered At the Park

There are over 15 dining establishments to choose from. There are nightclubs and cafes throughout the theme park village. One restaurant should be particularly highlighted however. The Ten Palms at Gulfstream Park is a diner’s delight. It opens every day for its guests at 11:00 am. The restaurant is located within the main building of the theme park. The restaurant is easily found by taking the elevator to the second floor. The restaurant is an integral part of the clubhouse. While dining on specialties on the menu at this restaurant, one can easily view from a short distance the race track and races going on in progress. It is an exciting place to eat to say the least. At this restaurant, there is the option for any guests to watch any races on simulcast that is concurrent and happening in most any place in the world. For your pleasure, and near luxurious suites, there is dining on the third floor. Food and meals are catered and many in the style of Asian cuisine at Christine Lee’s. Foods for your pleasure can be any style menu like, for instance, steaks cooked and marinated in the New York City style.

Entertainment and Shopping

Wherever you go in the village, there is entertainment. There is always a singer on the stage, dancers performing on the stage, a comedian to make people laugh, and there is always live music played for the guests. Shopping is always in the center of attention with a cornucopia of polished stores. There is, for instance, the Gulfstream Park Tower Sales Office, and other choices for shopping like the Barker Animation Art Gallery, Charming Charlie, the European Wax Center Corporate Headquarters, and many other shops. Of course, the Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino is considered the top option of the choices.

Lots of Casino Gaming Choices

At the casino, there are placed in easy to get to places in the room, 850 slot machines. The slot machines are always filled. Everyone that comes to the casino has fun playing the games on the machines. There is a brand new roulette table on the first floor and the game that is usually played is rumble. Bus groups to the casino are very much encouraged. Gulfstream markets an affordable package deal for most groups. The groups can enjoy playing the games at the casino, enjoy shopping at the village stores, and they watch the exciting horses on the tracks. The groups can dine to their heart’s content at some of the restaurants in the village.

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