Gunslingers Gold Slot

gunslingers-gold A simple yet fun scratch-off game, Gunslinger’s Gold offers the player entertainment along with the potential for winning. The game features characters in Old West attire, dressed in boots and hats. During play, the background music is also Western-themed with a simple melody that adds to the Western-themed fun.


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The game board features six hidden symbols that the player reveals. Prior to playing, the player places a bet utilizing a plus/minus bet dial located on the bottom left. After choosing the bet amount, the player starts the round by clicking on the “new card” button on the bottom right. Once both the bet has been selected and the card has been drawn, the player is ready for the round. Players do have the option to choose either to play for fun or to play for real money. In other words, if a player wishes to play a few rounds without placing a real-world monetary bet, he or she is able to do so.

Next, the player scratches off the hidden symbol or card area by moving the mouse from left to right over both rows. The six hidden symbols will then be revealed. The symbols represent possible bet multipliers. If the player receives three like amounts, he or she has won. The multipliers range from 1x up to 50x. In other words, it is possible to win up to fifty times of the original placed bet.

Betters also have the option to not scratch the area if they are wanting faster play. To the left of the “New card” button is a button that says “Reveal”. If a player wishes to do so, he or she can simply click on that button to uncover all of the hidden symbols simultaneously.

As the symbols are being uncovered, the game keeps track of them in a handy chart located to the right of the card. The tracker uses character animations of different gunslingers in each row. If the player has chosen to use the “reveal” button function instead of the scratching, the chart will be populated simultaneously with the card being uncovered.

To begin a new round, the player can choose to either adjust their bet with the dial, or to keep the same bet amount. The player then selects “New card” and a new round is ready to go. This Wild West scratch-off game offers good entertainment value coupled with the possibility of winning real money. In short, this game is fun, easy to play, and addictive.


  1. Very cool bonus feature, I highly recommend it to everyone.

  2. Loading I think fascinating game

  3. So easy to play but the six hidden symbols mean less chances at winning

  4. Nice Characters with gud costumes and love background music. easy to play its awosome

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