HeavyWeight Gold Slot


Heavyweight Gold is one of the newest slot games on the market, appealing to an audience who likes their gambling the same way they like their action films: fast paced and full of hard hitting action. This slot game stands out from the others for several reasons. No other slot game has the same level of graphic quality as Heavyweight Gold. The characters on screen are rendered in crisp, clear cut lines, with bold colors that jump off the screen and onto your retinas. It also features interactive mini games built into the normal slot function that adds another level of skill and luck to an already exciting game.


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To add even more appeal to this game, it has ear-dazzling music that will keep your heart pumping throughout the entire session. You’ll be inspired to spin, spin, spin each time you play. The dynamic bonus round that comes at the end of normal betting sessions allows players to duke it out against other players to win the special jackpot coins, which have a better chance of winning them the kind of money they want.

Heavyweight Gold lets players put in as many as 10 coins per round, with up to 20 different betting lines to maximize their chances of winning. Each session allows as many as 100 free spins, with as high as a 3x multiplier. Take a moment to imagine what it would feel like to hit a jackpot with that kind of bonus. The free spins also include wilds that improve your chances of winning even more.

Keep an eye on the red gloves that fill your screen – they can replace any other icon, and make lining up the best combinations a simple matter. Use them wisely and you’ll hit the jackpot before you even realize it! Produced by Rival games, Heavyweight Gold is expanding to fill casinos everywhere, and is highly demanded because of just how much fun it is. After playing this, you’ll never again be content with standard slot machines. Heavyweight Gold makes the players feel just like a world-class boxer themselves. After a few winning rounds, you’ll believe that not even Rocky Balboa himself could take you on.

Take the chance. Play the slot. Get lucky, and you might just get to take home a ring girl yourself – on top of absolutely ridiculous amounts of money. What do you have to lose?

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