History of Gambling Middle Ages

In medieval Europe, remains popular dice game. Ordericus Vitalis (1075-1143) said that when the pastor and bishop of England also love the game of dice. In 1190, King Richard and Philip Augustus, who led the Third Crusade, issued an order limiting the dice game between Crusaders. Knights and priests were only allowed to spend no more than 20 schillings, while the regular army can not play at all.

Two centuries later, in 1334, a British law forbids people wearing masks to go to someone else’s house on Christmas day to play dice. Loaded dice known as moralists of the Middle Ages. There are allegations that say that the dice game Hazard found by the Crusaders during the siege of the fort Hazart. Hazart later adopted as Hazard in English. Also there is a possibility that they learned from the Arabs.

The word “Az-zahr” in Arabic means dice. In the 19th century, the game was developed into the game Craps. Another medieval dice dice with ballast known among moralists. Other games are even the odd game, head or tail, back or side played with a knife thrown into the air. In addition, people also bet in medieval pigeon racing, cockfighting and other contests. Checkers and chess are also not spared from the event teruhan. During the 15th century the popularity of the game of dice is reduced. Replace the card game of dice as the most popular way to gamble. Card game came to Europe from Asia and the Arab world in the mid 14th century.

100 years later the card game spread throughout Europe. Towards the end of the Middle Ages, in addition to card games, lottery became an important form of gambling in Europe. First, lottery appeared in the Roman Empire as a way to distribute the gifts without offending anyone. In Europe, the lottery was originally served the purpose of wasting expensive items that do not have a buyer. Widow Flemish painter Jan van Eyck promote this type of lottery in the year 1446 Bruggs century later the merchants of Venice and Genoa using lotteries to move unsold goods. The first British lottery takes place under Queen Elizabeth in 1569 with a gift of silver, tapestries and money.

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  1. Interesting, how the knight and priests were played dice among crusaders. How on earth can they played it in the middle of bloodbath..

    • That’s right, Bernard Bear. The symbol on the card, it seems that tells the events of war in Europe.

      • Medieval, in the middle of holy war, and black plague.. hundred of millions people died.. but yet people still thinking about dice? What an extraordinary games that taken place in the european people’s heart…

        • Dice are everywhere, and they are one of the most basic pieces of the gambling picture. However, you shouldn’t let their common-place image fool you. They are full of fun historical,
          mathematical, and silly facts.

  2. Like Europe in India also Dice was a popular game in ancient times. People in that period had very less source of entertainment so these types of games gave them fun and a chance to earn money.

    • Therefore, it is basically gambling, is a showcase of entertainment and fun.

    • it is possible that the current lack of entertainment, so finding a way to have fun entertainment like this game.

      • In the middle age it also called the dark ages, so i think the entertainment also goes “dark” too. They used Killing, rapery, as an entertainment. So it was good if the soldiers play gamble. They not harmed the civilian.

    • At the time, if trend of gambling games same. Can occur almost simultaneously, whereas if a gambling game that appeared in Europe like the dice, then in India is also a be trend. How quickly the information system at that time moved continents. Whereas, there has not been such as the Internet or a plane …….. # means earlier times also been advanced

    • Gambling with dice is even mentioned (more than once) in the Bible. The most well-known scene involves a group of Roman soldiers “casting lots” beneath
      the cross of Jesus; a dramatic scene that depicts the Christ’s love for such a motley crew of soldiers – even as they gambled for his personal belongings.

  3. Is there any discussion about gambling in the future like what .. ?

    • Discussion of future gambling? I believe the discussion and gambling in the future will continue to occur online.

    • this time we do not know the future development of gambling would be like, but I think it looks like the development of an online gambling casino will be like that promote technology as a media liaison between players

    • You’re right Rudz perhaps at the middle ages there’s some notes or maybe some picture about gambling in the future. Maybe Sugih Lim can help us about it. But about historical of gambling in the middle of ages how strong enough? Anybody can prove it with some picture maybe.

    • In the future gambling will use hologram to see each other and there is no cash money. We will using e-money, just like now.

    • Theoretically possible gambling in the future as mentioned by M4ON3, mbach, Dado, and vicbro. IT technology plays an important role in the payment system in the future and would be very helpful, casinos and players. And variations of games very much.

  4. That fact the like from the story above about gambling dice for gambling from antiquity to the present still ongoing.

    • That’s right Uban Avatar. Gambling using dice and cards will continue to exist. And will continue to develop according to the progress of time.

    • A long history in the field of gambling, which is currently displayed and well packed with services for the gamblers certainly will not be able to resist them not to try. Maybe first, to play easily games used in a Casino. After that, up to you like it.

  5. interesting is the boundary between the bishop made by the soldiers at the time of this dice game popular at the time, this command out directly from the king Richards and Philip Augustus. this is almost the same as the game baccarat at which time only the baccarat game played by people just classy. but this time baccrat game can be played by anyone even onnline

    • This gambling game is a work of art of recording history, which is incorporated into the gambling game.

    • If that was a holy war, my question is, was the pope know about that? Church at the medieval time was very strict to forbid prostitute, science, gamble, and wizardy..

      • Maybe not all areas overseen by the Pope through the church. Regulations made by the Pope may be effective for those who are religious, but for those who are not religious will violate.

        • Is there any verse at the bible that strictly forbid gamble? Old and new testament perhaps? If there is, please inform us..

          • In the Bible itself is not written clearly about gambling, both Old and New Testaments. All just a personal opinion of the respective religious leaders, when delivering his sermon on his people. It stay off private personal to live.

  6. Wow it’s shocked information Sugih Lim maybe this is one of reason why gambling is can not disappear from earth because gambling have long and old story. But actually i’m still curious what is differences between gambling and betting, can you explain it to me Sugih Lim or other member?

    • Gambling is different or the same as the bet is always a debate. Even occur in religious circles. But I guess, the difference occurs in motivation. Motivation of bets, just as fun and entertainment, while gambling solely in search of fortune.

    • The different between betting and gambling: here’s my private opinion, forgive me if i’m wrong… gambling is more global, betting is part of gambling.

      • i’m agree with you bernardbear 🙂 , whose name gambling tends to be leading towards a place for gamblers.

    • Actual, gambling and betting is the same; only difference is maybe if present: legal or not. If gambling is legal it would be no money coming in to the country.

  7. Perhaps the knight playing dice games to relieve the strain of war. But why only allowed to spend no more than 20 schillings ?

    • Because if there was no budget limitation, i’m sure they forgot about war, and perhaps some of them opened a medieval casino.. 😀

  8. @Dado : I think gambling and betting have the same meaning only differences in language / sentences, equally risking money or something to get a reward.

    • yes it is true Bewox, in terms of understanding is the same, namely to win a prize of a game. but whose name gambling tends to be leading towards a place for gamblers

  9. @Sugih Lim was gambling in the first half, how about gambling the future … hi, I hope you can also predict

    • Development of gambling from the beginning until now only be differentiated from the technology used. today trend to crowd like gambling via online.

      • I agree, in today people tend to look for the easy way, to the online gambling became very appropriate choice

      • But still at some certain stage, the traditional gamble is far more liked by people, especialy at third country.. and amazingly, dice is still played by million of people, after all these years..

  10. Commentvery interesting story. time that humans have known gambling

  11. I once read a book that gambling already exists from the time before Christ , and it looks like there are some games that still survive to this day .

    • Choosing an options, is one of human most basic instinct that plant into our mind since the beginning of our existence. And the sense of choosing perhaps evolved into gamble act. So i think the gamble exist since the beginning of our existence

  12. Very helpful, history pf gamble and game, yeah. This is a new knowledge for me

  13. Gambling before the middle ages already exists but the tool used is very simple as finger guessing. even games such as dice were already there, even though the dice are used instead of dice this time. This proves that gambling continues to grow adjust the development of human civilization.

  14. i like your blog because i read it this blog and i increase my knowledge for gambling. Thanks

  15. Everytime I read this article, I just reflected the atmosphere of antiquity when they do gambling and cursory reflected funny moments they do it.

    • @uban_avatar : yes you are correct, me myself cannot imagine back to time when people didn’t invented a closet yet, how poor their sanitary was. And talk about gambling in the middle age, there are no regulator to rule gamble, and how can they unite the regulation by gentlement agreement? They are true gentlement backthere.

  16. @Sugih Lim? Well done ! You put very very nice efforts to bring the history of gambling in front of us. Thanks for it ! I am very amazed after reading this full history of Dice, Cards, and some other gambling related games. May I can consider that, Dice game is invented by the Arabs? and Card game is invented by Asian gamblers?

    • @hafidz786 : actually history cant prove who invented it all.. like a football game, european, american and asian each claimed that footbal was their invention. But one thing for sure… we thank for whoever invented it, so now we and our children can enjoy the game

    • Thanks hafiz786. but I do not know if the dice and cards are available at the time and the form of the same magnitude as we see today Due to the current developments with very different now.

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