Hole in Won Slot

hole-in-won Pairing video slots and golf, Hole in Won is a flashy and fun online video slot that is easy to play for gamers of all experience levels. The game can be played for free, or players can bet real cash for a chance to win a hole-in-one jackpot. While the simple gameplay and flashy imagery make it fun for everyone, Hole in Won is especially appealing to golf enthusiasts.


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Hole in Won opens with a brief golf-themed animation, showing a golfer scoring a hole in one – which is exactly what players will hope to do once they begin playing this simple slot. The brightly colored game features vivid imagery of golf-related icons with a vibe that is a mashup of classic Vegas and Miami colors and styles. Images include golf carts, shoes and clubs; several different golfers; and various other animations. Players who are familiar with golf lingo will appreciate two of the more clever icons: one of a bird on a ball (like a “birdie,” the term for scoring one under par) and that of an eagle with a ball (“eagle” being the term for scoring two under par.) Buttons labeled “View Payable” are located on either side of the game title for players curious about the exact values of each of the images.

While the majority of icons have a designated monetary value, two of the images trigger special responses in the game. The eagle is the expanding wild symbol, and it can appear in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th columns. One of these images triggers the entire column to become wild. The birdie image triggers a bonus round when players see three or more of the icon on the board. The shoe icon has the lowest payout while the golden “1” triggers the jackpot.

The game board is set up with 5 columns and 3 rows, and players are able to bet from 1 to 15 different lines per spin. To choose the number of lines to play, players click the “Select Lines” button and then choose from the numbers lining the left and right side of the board. Main control buttons are aligned horizontally at the bottom of the game board allowing players to select coins, select lines, bet max, play auto and spin. Players can also choose the amount they will bet, with values ranging from 1 penny to 1 dollar; below the coin icon, plus and minus controls allow the player to select the coin value. Players can also keep track of their last win and balance with updated statistics on either side of the controls.

Players looking for an easy-to-play video slot with quirky animations will find that Hole in Won is a fun and potentially rewarding casino-style game.

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