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online craps chances to win
All gamblers, no matter what level they might be as far as skill level is concerned, have one thing in common, they want to win money. Nobody plays with a desire to lose. Online casino games require a little bit of skill and a whole lot of luck. The question is, “How can they maximize their chances at any online table game?”

The Idiosyncrasies of Craps

One of the great attractions of Craps is the pace of the action. There are literally dozens of different betting options available on the table, which gives craps players lots of decisions that must be made in a relatively short period of time. Unlike the “grind it out” process needed to be a winner when playing games like Blackjack and Baccarat, Craps gives players a clear path to both winning and losing money in a hurry. In order to maximize your chances of winning while playing craps, you need to clearly understand the odds of each betting option and the house advantage that comes with each of them.

Understanding Craps Odds

From a betting perspective, Craps offers betting options all along the continuum of risk. At the low end of the continuum, you will find low risk wagers like the pass line/come, don’t pass line/don’t pass bar and place bets on the following numbers: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. All of these betting options pay between 5-9 odds on the don’t pass bar and “lay” bets on 4 and 10, up to 9-5 on come and place bets on the same 4 and 10. Compared to the true odds on all of these wagering options, the additional risk is minimal.

At the high risk end of the continuum, the odds go as high as 30-1 on a 2 or 12. It might sound like an attractive betting option, but the true odds are 36-1, which represents a significant financial risk to the player.

The House’s Advantage

The information provided above addresses the odds being paid on the table. Every wagering option on a Craps table also gives the house a certain statistical advantage. At the low end of the continuum is the don’t pass and pass line bets, which give the house an advantage of 1.36% and 1.41%, respectively. The “Any-7”, 2 and 12 give the house an advantage of between 13.89% and 16.67% at the high end of the spectrum. These are difficult numbers to play into if a Craps player is serious about winning money.

That brings us back to the question at hand, “How do I maximize my chances at an online Craps table?” The answer should be very clear at this point in time. You want to confine yourself to a betting strategy that only includes wagering options that pay in the vicinity of 9-5 or less, while avoiding all the high risk options that offer great odds with an associated high house advantage. The odds will never be in your favor, but adopting this kind of a strategy will allow you to stay in the game long enough to perhaps catch a hot roll or two.