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Video poker is an exciting game to play in an online or live casino, and it is also one of the best for the player. The odds are much better at video poker than they are at traditional slot machines or many table games. It is also a simple game, but there are some differences between video poker and real poker. Two of these are how you bet and how you collect your winnings.

How To Bet in Video Poker

In real poker, a player exchanges money for chips. These chips are then used to make wagers on each hand. In video poker, there are no chips. You simply bet with the funds in your online casino account.

In the online casino you will have a button near the bottom of the video poker display that will allow you to choose how much you wish to wager on a hand. The minimum bet is referred to as a unit by most experienced players. On many video poker games you will be able to wager from one to five units. So, if you are playing a $1 video poker game you would tap the screen or click to select a bet from $1-$5. There are even a few video poker games that will allow you to bet as much as 10 or even 25 units per hand. The more you bet, the more each winning hand pays off.

After your bet is placed all that remains is to click or tap DEAL and the game will begin.

How to Get Winnings in Video Poker

In a real game of poker, collecting your winnings from a hand is as simple as raking in the chips from the middle of the table. In video poker things work a little bit differently.

In video poker you are paid for each qualifying hand. In many video poker games a qualifying hand is one that contains a pair of jacks or better. As the hands go up in value, so does the payout you will receive. Payouts begin at 1-1 for a small pair and can be many thousands of dollars for a royal flush.

Once the hand is over, your winnings are automatically added to your cash balance. For example, let’s say that you have 500 coins in play. At the bottom of the video poker game you will see this amount. You bet 1 coin and your balance will drop to 499. The cards are then dealt and you are able to make a full house which pays 20-1. The win is automatically added to your balance which will now read 520. You receive your original bet of 1 coin back plus 20 coins for the winning hand. If you had lost the hand, your balance would have remained at 499.

To cash out your winnings in an online video poker game is simple and only requires that you tap or click the button marked EXIT GAME or CASH OUT. You will then exit the video poker game and be returned to the main lobby of the online casino where you can choose another video poker game to play.