How to Play Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Double Trouble, is a game furnished in the country of United States, and this game was initially manufactured by an organization or a company named as the Irwin Toy, Ltd, after that an American has published it and give it the fame, Milton Bradley.

In Double Trouble, there must be the more than one person and the maximum number of people which can play this game at a single time is four. For rolling ever next die or for making every next move, one minute will be the evidence time.

How to Play Double Trouble

For this game, several of the things are essential, there should be a board having a path to flow along with the pegs, the path is rounded by the four sections, located on the boundary of the board.

If you are playing with three other friends, each of four people will survive along his section which will act like the safe home for one’s pegs.

Each of the four players have the four pegs to move on the board, and the task for all the players is ever to reach the home back safely by circulating the pegs from the guessed path. In way to home, one can deny the flow of the other one’s peg and making its way more comfortable to move on.

Along with the game board, a pop-o-matic roller is used to roll the die, 16 plastic pegs which are generally the most considerable thing, it’s also depends on luck or the good day that which number die will come out.

These are several number of Trouble games, the pop-o-matic is one of them; including others are pop-o-matic Trouble, pop-o-matic taking big Trouble, pop-o-matic Trouble fun on the Run Edition, R2- D2 is in pop-o-matic Trouble and some others.

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  1. This is a new game for me thanks for sharing if you have a video explaining how to play then it would be even easier for us to understand.

  2. Its a full of excitement and thrill just because of more then one people involved in that game

  3. I do not know how to play so I do not like it. What about you guys …?

  4. uban_avatar, I also do not know the type of game. might be very specific type of game described David Hussay that all a bit much to know a wide variety of local game between the existing state

  5. Its very easy uban_avatar in the above article playing strategies are given.

  6. This game can play every country or only united states?because I live at Asia,I difficult if can not use this metode.


  7. I remember this game from when I was young. It’s a board game that we used to refer to as “Oh $#!+”. If you’ve ever played it, then I’m sure that you know what I mean.

  8. Thanks for sharing the playing strategies Double Trouble. This blog is really helpful for me

    • Ezcash Is absolutely right about Double Trouble game its a board game playing between 4 men.

  9. I live in the United States and I don’t believe I have ever heard of it. But maybe I am not as diverse as other Americans. Thanks for the information.

  10. Whether the dice or cards used in the game Double Trouble? If the picture or video is inserted into this article, surely it would be easier to learn.

  11. im interesting for this tips , maybe i will try this tips for play Double Trouble . not false if you trying

  12. Its a Card game which is being played between four players in the partnership of two, two men in one side.

    • You may be right !! I first time come to know about this games after going through this article

  13. This info so useful, i dont knew before, but i know right now, thanks for you

  14. Thanks for sharing this awesome article. Can you suggest me some Double Trouble casino site?

  15. I live in Bangladesh. I want to know How to play this game. I am a new user.

  16. This game can play every country or only united states?because I live at Asia,I difficult if can not use this metode.

  17. I just know that there is a unique game names like this … yes, double trouble.

    of its name can not play a course. should two or more people. in Indonesia the game is less popular, but there are also similar just different names.

  18. Thank u for such a good posting allowing newbie like me to learn and understand!!


  19. Thanks for writing article for ” how to play double trouble”, this is really an informative and helpful for the beginners.

    Mostly beginner the hesitate from play any game for very first because they have no aware how to play this game.
    This article gives a lot of help to those beginners who wants to play Double Trouble

  20. @David Hussay ? I also see / read about this game very first time in my life. Thanks to share about this game, also for providing the fully detailed method or strategies to play this game. You really put very nice and useful efforts for this game. It seemed that this is very interesting game, so I will must try to play this game in my spare time.

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