Ice Picks Slot

ice-picks Ice Picks is a casino slot machine game that takes place on the slopes of and icy mountain top. The player takes on the role of an adventurous mountaineer on the hunt for special treasures in the frozen reaches of the various caverns.


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The visuals on Ice Picks are crisp and imaginative. The icons representing the different payout levels are logical in terms of their progression and fun in their adherence to the theme of the game’s location. Climbing equipment ranging from actual ice picks to goggles make up the lower levels of payout lines, while items like ancient stone tools and golden treasure make up the most sought after payouts. Jackpot icons represented by chests filled with gems are highly prized and worth as much as the gems themselves! The game also incorporates wild icons that allow for matching outside of lining up actual icons – always from left to right.

Should the player be fortunate enough to have three or more map icons appear on screen, they will be able to take part in a bonus round mini-game that earns them even more coins! On top of this, if icons lined up are encased in ice, Ice Picks breaks the ice and causes the next icon up to drop down in its place. This adds an exciting element to the gameplay. To top all of this off, the final icon – a compass – awards free bonus spins when three or more are on the screen at once. Five free spins for three compass icons, ten for four, and twenty five for five icons respectively. During the bonus spins, all rewards are tripled so it can be an exciting experience to see what these spins have to offer the player!

The ambient noises in Ice Picks line up well with the theme of the game as well, making the game feel more like an exploration game as opposed to a slots game. However, at times, it could be more enjoyable to mute them if the game has been on for a long time. This is by no means a drawback to the core gameplay, and should just be taken as a note.

All in all, Ice Picks is a fantastic little “jack of all trades” slots game. It has the basic play style expected of slots games, but it also has bonuses that keep the gameplay fresh and exciting over the longer haul. Every spin is more about what kind of bonuses may appear sometimes more so than what icons may actually line up in the first place. No matter what the player is looking for out of their slots game experience, Ice Picks offers something for everyone to enjoy!

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  1. Nice video intro, This is what i like about online gaming. Many theme gives the player an option to choose which game give them better satisfaction.

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