Intouch Games Moves To New Location and Looking To Hire More Than 100 Staff Members

It is often heard around the circuits of the gambling world that online gambling is shutting down land-based establishments left and right. However, no one stops to think that online gambling does add jobs too. It is easier for those who are wanting the comforts of playing from their home to gamble, but a new establishment means new jobs. Take for instance Intouch Games. They have 100 workers for their online operation in Stourbridge. However, they are expanding into Halesowen. With any expansion comes the need for more workers, which equates to more jobs for the area. Since Halesowen is in desperate need of jobs, this is a win-win situation for all involved.

Things have got so crazy around their online offices that the bosses have already recruited 50 new staff members in the recent months. Moving to a new town and expanding operations is a huge move for Intouch Games. It shows just how much the industry is growing, and it also shows that they are moving forward. If they had a land-based casino in the area the results may not have been the same. However, due to their online presence, things are booming. Simon Wilson is the director for the group and he could not be happier for the move. He is excited to see where this takes the company. Perhaps, this is just one stepping stone into a much bigger future for the company.

Wison stated that they are leading the way for other companies in the West Midlands and showing that expansion is possible. Since they are constantly recruiting those who are hard-working and talented, employees can get in on the ground floor with something great. Anyone who thinks that they can help to fulfil the companies true potential is encouraged to apply and get on board with the ground-breaking events. The new offices are being finished currently, and the company plans to move in and the end of October to the beginning of November in 2015. The new offices are in the Fountain House establishment in Great Cornbow. The company is counting down the days. Being in such a small space and hiring so many new people has made working conditions tight. While they have made the best with what they had, they realised quickly that the spaces they were in weren’t adequate for them and their booming business.

Part of the excitement to the move is just how much space the company is going to have. Intouch Games will utilize more than 15,000 sq. ft. Their current location in Penn House on Bradley Road is nowhere near this size. Their current establishment has been sold, and the new place has been left for Intouch to refurbish. It’s been a big undertaking, but they have risen to the challenge and created something that was dynamic for their employees and operation. It seems that everyone is noticing just how big Intouch is being. They own and operate mFortune and Pocketwin Mobile Casinos. On the annual Companies to Inspire List, they were named in the LSE. It’s a great honor for the company and shows just how far they have come.

With offices currently in Stourbridge, Bucharest and Budapest, this means their employees have been scattered. The new location will allow them to all be together and under one roof. There is still more room to expand in the new building too. There is a whole other floor that is not being utilized in the new building. They always have the option of growing into that space if necessary. They are hoping to do more remodeling in the future and use the empty space above them for the next phase of their expansion. Part of this expansion includes a massive hiring. Intouch Game is looking to recruit staff from all skill ranges. They will be hiring computer programmers, marketing officials, graphic designers and those who can manage call centers. Their demands will require 20 high-end computer programming executives, as well as 15 graphic designers and 25 agents for their call centers.

Business has been so crazy over the past 12 months that the company felt they had no choice but to relocate. Fountain House has two other tenants utilizing the spaces, Structural UK and Third Financial Software. While they only share 10,000 sq ft between the two of them, it leaves plenty of room for Intouch Games to utilize. They will move into a space that is 68,000 sq ft, which is less than a third of what they are utilizing now. However, the remaining 30,000 sq ft can still be developed giving them more room. They have placed the office space in Halesowen on the market through KWB.

Remodeling the offices was a big job. It included upgrading things like the windows and air conditioning systems. The problem of the office spaces in the area is that most of them are not in the condition that makes them move in ready. It didn’t matter what structure they choose, they were going to have to do some remodeling to make it work. KBW said that their current establishment is up-to-date and they have no doubt that they will be able to find a suitable buyer or renter. They are actually glad to have this addition to their already growing portfolio. Because so may spaces are falling short of what buyers and renters are looking for, they feel that adding this space will allow them to find a suitable buyer in no time.

Things are certainly looking up for Intouch Games, and this is just the start of something great. If it is any indication of how the online gambling community is doing, things are looking up.

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