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Although luck plays a dominant role in the outcome of a Sic Bo game, that doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t betting strategies that can substantially improve the odds of winning in the player’s favor. In order to help potential Sic Bo gamblers, especially those new to the game, this guide will aim to take a look at a few of the most effective betting strategies that currently exist for Sic Bo, as well as an in-depth breakdown of how easily these strategies can be properly implemented.

General Overview

Although there are a variety of different Sic Bo strategies, all of them do have a few key points in common. For one thing, all of these strategies make effective use of the small and big bet options that are available to Sic Bo players. Although there are plenty of different betting options available in a game of Sic Bo, the small and big bets have a much smaller house edge. As a result of this decreased house edge, they are the perfect area for cunning gamblers to focus on with their own betting strategies.

Low-Risk Combination Betting Strategy

The low-risk betting strategy is primarily designed for players who are typically risk-averse. Players who have a small bankroll and aren’t comfortable with gambling large portions of their money on a single game of Sic Bo will want to consider the low-risk betting strategy. Put simply, this strategy involves making combination bets that allow a player to earn a steady stream of money from each round on a fairly consistent basis. Using the 2 as an example, a player might place a bet on getting three 2s, which pays out a hefty 180-1, and then place a bet on getting just two 2s, which pays out 10-1, and then finally place several bets on single 2s. With this strategy, the player only needs a single 2 to reveal itself in order for the player to make a profit on their bet. If more 2s show up, then the player stands to make an even larger amount of money.

Progressive Betting Strategies

Since small and big bets in Sic Bo are comparable in odds to hitting red or black on a roulette wheel, many betting strategies have been developed for Sic Bo that are similar in manner to Roulette strategies. While there are a handful of progressive betting strategies that aim to guide players through the complexities of Sic Bo, the most famous, and possibly effective, is the Labouchere system.

The Labouchere system, otherwise known as the cancellation system, involves compiling a list of units on a slip of paper. Each bet should involve the first and last numbers on the list, at which point those numbers are then crossed off. If the bet is a success, then the player uses the next combination of first and last numbers that remain. If the bet is a loss though, then the player notes down the combined total of the two numbers and adds them to the last spot on the list. Through this system, players continue placing bets until all of the numbers on their list have been crossed off.

While it’s not as exciting as a combination betting strategy, it is good practice for any gambling amateurs out there who need a structured system to guide their betting behavior.