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The world’s largest Online gaming software company traded on the London Stock Exchange, Playtech, has recently revealed the first of six planned entrants to the successful Age of the Gods slots series; the first two new releases have now been released, and will be followed by a further four slots released over the course of the next year. Playtech is looking to followup on the success of the Age Of The Gods King Of Olympus slot that has proven to be a successful new entry to the marketplace. The two new slots have been revealed to be Age of the Gods and Age of the Gods Furious 4, which have been released along with an impressive marketing campaign that will run through the European Championships in soccer throughout the Summer of 2016.

Playtech made the announcement of the new games through Chief Operating Officer Shimon Akad, who explained the first of these exciting slots is simply the tip of the iceberg for those who enjoy Age of the Gods content. Akad went on to reveal the further additions to the series that will be revealed over the coming months to an expectant group of investors and game players who have become accustomed to the excitement offered by the original Age of the Gods slot.

The Age of the Gods slot is a five reel and 20 payline game featuring a number of the gods found in ancient European mythology and lore, including Athena, Hercules, Poseidon, and Zeus. Activating any of the gods in this impressive slot game allows a player the opportunity to complete up to four free spins to claim a jackpot with a five times multiplier. As with the majority of Playtech games the graphics and background of the game are as impressive as possible, which only adds to the enjoyment the majority of fans of this slot will feel as they take part in the game.

Playtech executives have also been lavish in their praise of the Age of the Gods Furious 4 game, which is also a five reel, 20 payline slot that features four gods who can use their unique powers to aid each individual player. The gods have a range of powers allowing them the opportunity to unlock a range of bonuses unique to them, which allow an ever growing number of multipliers to become available and be used with the progressive jackpot that is always available over the course of every game.

Playtech has always been a forward thinking online gaming company and has recently been looking for the best ways of making sure each and every individual game is able to be played with ease on a wide range of devices. The latest entrants into the Age of the Gods series are all available on any device to make them among the most impressive to be launched over recent years; Playtech has been developing a number of slots over recent years that have pushed those games offered by licensees to more than 600 available to fans of this impressive Online gaming expert.

The Age of the Gods series has become so successful that Playtech is now looking to provide a huge number of slots following the same design and content offering as the original Age of the Gods slot. Playtech revealed at the launch of Age of the Gods and Age of the Gods Furious 4 that four more slots will become available in the coming year to keep this series at the very top of the pile when it comes to the Online slots industry.

Age of the Gods has become such a huge hit and is so hotly anticipated in the gaming industry that a large marketing campaign has been unveiled that links the slot to the ongoing European CHampionships of soccer. A total prize fund of over $350,000 has been made available for players, who will be given an entrance ticket each time they spend a specified amount of money on the slots included in the campaign. Three major prizes will be awarded along with a number of smaller prizes will be awarded throughout the European Championships, which take place in France during June and July 2016 to make it an even more important aspect of game playing that every individual gives the Age of the Gods will enjoy.