Jack Gold Casino Temporarily Closes Online Doors

Gambling has always been, well, a bit of a gamble. As with anything else involved with gaming, the mere act of choosing a casino can be seen as a gamble. The player needs to carefully balance the odds and benefits of any online casino. What many players don’t consider is that the online casinos themselves often have to do something similar. They’re like any other company, and internal politics and decisions need to be considered. Case in point, the recent news from the Jack Gold Casino.

Locus Gaming Isle of Man Limited, the owner of the Jack Gold Casino announced on September 20th that operation of the casino was going to be severely limited for a short time. The stated reason is that deals are currently in progress which will impact both the future viability of the casino, but also it’s continued operation. This quite obviously raised a great deal of concern for the casino’s patrons.

However, on more careful consideration it should be apparent that many of these concerns are overblown. It’s certainly true that a situation similar to this can be disastrous for players. The biggest aspect which someone needs to worry about is closure of the ability to cashout winnings and credit. While it’s never a certainty, this is certainly cause for concern that a casino might be trying to take all available funds for itself. This would include all of a player’s credit.

Thankfully, this isn’t the case with the Jack Gold Casino. The owners have gone to lengths to assure players that their funds can be withdrawn at any time. They’re also quite vocal about intent to work on deals to restore the casino to normal operations. In the meantime though, there are aspects to this situation which people need to keep in mind.

The biggest is that normal operation of the Jack Gold Casino may never be restored. While the owners hope this isn’t the case, one should consider this as a possible eventuality. Next, one should remember that funds can be withdrawn and that it might be prudent to do so. Lastly, one should keep in mind that part of what keeps a casino going is customer support. So if one loves the casino, he or she should be ready to play and boost the internal economy of the casino when possible.

As to the exact timing of a possible reopening, there’s no set timeline. Ed Andrewes, of Locus Gaming, suggests that the casino may well be opened within a few days. Until then, it’s up to players eager to get back into the game to simply keep a watchful eye. Everything suggests that when the casino does open up again, it should have heavy implications for long term stability. Of course, much of this does depend on continual loyalty of players interested in putting time and money into the services they provide.

As for the staff, assurances have been made that no full-time positions within the company are in danger. So one can rest assured that long term, full-time staff can continue to provide the services which players have always enjoyed.

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  1. At the beginning they bet billion dollars, at the end they lost. The question is, are they really lost their money?

  2. yet they were just another victim of a new era.. an online era.. and another prove of how promising online business are.. just like history told us before, some were cruscified for better future.. no hard feeling.. but that’s the reality..

  3. it is true, if someone loves the casino, he should be ready to play and improve internal economy casinos whenever possible.

  4. I think “Jack Gold Online Casino Temporarily Closed Doors” to refresh their system needs to be improved and provide comfort to the visitors “Jack Gold Casino “

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