Jackpot Keno

jackpot-kenoVegas Jackpot Keno offers an amazing experience for those ranging from novice to advanced gambling experience. The layout of Vegas Jackpot Keno is extremely easy to use and provides a genuine casino-themed aesthetic appeal to the online gambler.

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Its setup consists of a numbers board counting up from 1-80. Underneath the numbers board to the far left corner is a menu containing the choices of help, options, cashier, and lobby while also displaying the players money count. The “help” option is an important addition to the game since it offers the player the luxury to chat live with a support staff member to address any issues. To the right is a coin signifying the amount that can be bet in each round. The betting can range from as small as a dollar to a $25 max.

Next to the betting amounts is the “clear” button to wipe the board clean after each play. Next to that are three play options. The player can choose to play their number of picks just once or have their picks play consecutively for either five or ten times.

The max number of picks can be as high as 10 and as low as 1. Each of the selected numbers’ square is lit up in yellow and can be unlit simply by clicking on the number to deselect it. There’s also the “quikpik” option in which the computer can decide which numbers to select. On the right side of the numbers board, it records the rounds and the total of the selected numbers hit while the left side of the board displays the payout amounts.

With each click of the “play” button, various gray and blue dots mark the numbers board accompanied by gaming audio that can be heard in brick and mortar casinos. When the player lands (or doesn’t land at all) the numbers needed to win, a star appears accompanied with a winning sound effect to notify that they’ve won money on the bet that had been placed.

Vegas Jackpot Keno’s graphics and artistic design can really appeal to the visual aspect of the player. This game caters to the casual online gambler and presents an authentic casino experience with the ease-of-use and enticing blend of winning. This game can become fun in just a matter of clicks and it’ll be a matter of time before a novice player can really grasp the game of Vegas Jackpot Keno and start playing like a pro!


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