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Incorporating new features for gaming platforms is essential to remain prominent within the industry. While paying homage to the games that granted you your original success, it is pivotal to regularly update your software and to launch new games. Of course, customers will seemingly always flock to original games, but growing your capabilities entails expanding your customer base, and surely prospective gamers want something new, exciting, and original.

CORE Gaming Updates

CORE Gaming is an industry leader in matters pertaining to casino games. Delivering supreme user experience is the foundation of the company, and their refusal to remain stagnant with the same old games has generated them immense popularity. Their games have made them a go-to source for those wishing to try their luck. The platform is enjoyed internationally, and the recent release of their Jackpotz Slots is expanding their presence in the online gaming world.

Their knowledge of the industry and their refusal to limit their attention to a target audience are the reasons that they are able to retain old customers and to gain new ones. The HTML 5 framework of their games makes them easy to use for all types of users across the globe. Completely legitimate and licensed by Alderney Gaming Control Commission allows users to feel at ease as they spin those slots!

Jackpotz Slots

From spinning in the development office to spinning on desktops across the world, the creation of Jackpotz Slots was announced on May 5, 2016. The three-reel, five-line slots magically spin as users anticipate six-figure payouts. The WebGL 3D technology of these slots maintains CORE Gaming’s standards and visually stimulates thousands of users.

The standard slots are meant to be spun as the eyes of users glisten with anticipation to match three like symbols. Certain features, such as wild symbols, increase a player’s chance of winning as these symbols represent whatever the user would like them to. For example, if you spin and land on two lemons, a wild feature will serve the place of the third lemon, ultimately resulting in a stellar win. Other amazing features keep players glued to their screens, wide-eyed and ready for a win! In fact, CEO of CORE Gaming, Mark Rehorst-Smith, exclaimed that these slots are for the avid player due to the fact that they are legitimate, regulated, and highly enjoyable despite their standard settings.

CORE Gaming Partners

To better understand the influence CORE Gaming has within the industry, mention must be made to their big name partners. Amaya, AshGaming, Sky Vegas, Scientific Games, BluePrint Gaming, and Mazooma Interactive Games are just a few of those partnered with CORE. Maintaining and exceeding industry standards has resulted in each of their victories as they continue to dominate the gaming world.


Being compatible with platforms including Odobo, Game Account Network, 888.com, Storm, Leander Games, and Quickfire ensures quality play time for hours on end.

Why Play Jackpotz?

To finalize, those who love playing slots should undoubtedly try their luck with CORE Gaming’s slots. Superb quality ensures uninterrupted gameplay, and the excitement of anticipating a win makes this game perfect for the casino lifestyle. The standard slot game is punctuated with unique features, which is something that sets this particular game apart from others like it. Possessing the ability for users to win up to £250,000 is a fact that is hard to resist, and walking away without any winnings is seemingly fine due to the enjoyment you got out of the general gameplay. Conclusively, if you are an avid casino game player who opts for a less glamorous environment, it is greatly encouraged to give CORE Gaming a shot at the slots!