Jacks or Better

jacks-or-betterJacks or better is a common variation of video poker that is one of the most popular online casino games available to date. The name originates from the minimum type of hand you must have in order to receive a payout, which is a pair of jacks or better. This version of video poker requires skill and allows the player to have influence over winning or losing. Luck also plays a part in how the cards are dealt, but the cards you keep and the ones you throw away are equally important to your overall chance of winning and hitting it big.


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Dealing and general play

When playing Jacks or Better, your essential focal point will be your main hand and any additional hands you have selected. The main hand will always be your primary set of cards and is usually larger than the others. Whatever actions that are applied to the primary cards will be duplicated on each of the other hands.

Clicking the Deal Button will confirm your bet, and the first five cards will be turned over. At this point, you must figure out which cards you want to keep or discard in the main hand. If you want to hold a card, simply click on it. After you have selected all the cards you want to hold, press the Draw Button to receive your new set of cards. Be aware that this action folds all the cards that were not held and replaces them in all hands.

The current cards you have now will be your final hands. The value of your final hands determines whether or not you will receive a payout. If you do not qualify for a payout, then you lose the stake money. If your cards match a winning value, then all winning hands will be added together to total the amount won for the game. The Collect Button will blink to alert you of your cash prize. Press the Collect Button to add the funds automatically to your account balance.

Placing a bet

Jacks or Better will typically play on a one-hand game unless you decide to change it. Be aware that once you place your bet on Jacks or Better the amount at stake will be credited on a PER HAND basis. The more hands that you select, the larger the amount you have to bet. For example, if you choose to play in 5 hands and you stake $1 per hand, the overall stake amount will be $5.00. Take notice of the hands button (+/-), and use this to reduce or increase the number of hands that you will play in your next game of Jacks or Better.

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