Joker Poker

joker-poker Joker poker is a variation of poker played with a single deck of cards. In order to play joker poker, you must play on a table that displays the joker poker layout. During game play, a dealer button will be used.


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A maximum of seven players can play joker poker. There will be a table minimum and a table maximum posted at the table. Each player will make a bet in an amount that falls between the posted minimum and maximum. They will then place the bet in front of them in the designated circle.

After the deck is shuffled and cut, each player is dealt one card at a time by the dealer, beginning with the player seated directly to the left of the player holding the dealer button, and finishing with the player in possession of the button. The dealer continues dealing in rotation until each player is dealt five cards.

In front of each player, the joker poker table has a front box designated for wild cards as well as four back boxes. When each player has five cards, each chooses one card in their hand to be a wild card. The players then place their selected wild cards face down in the front box, and place their remaining four cards in the back box.

When all hands are on the table, the dealer reveals the players’ hands. Opening the hands one at a time, beginning with the player seated directly to his right and moving around the table counterclockwise, he turns the wild cards face up and places them on top of the four back cards. The dealer then turns all five cards over, so that the four cards are revealed and the wild card is face down beneath the other four cards.

When all the hands have been opened, with the four back cards face up and the wild cards face down beneath them, the dealer announces the value of the winning hand. The wagers from the lower ranking hands are then collected and placed together into the pot. The wagers collected from the players with the lower ranking hands are not to exceed the amount wagered by the player with the winning hand.

The dealer pays out the remainder of the pot to the player possessing the winning hand. In the event that two players play identical hands, the pot is split between them.


  1. Great… i’ve never tried the game like this.

    i like poker and all about gambling games but i don’t know where i wanna start to learn it to play it.

    i’ll try this first. i look this easy for beginner like me 🙂

  2. Joker Poker is the kind of poker that i am used to playing. I don’t win much but i guess i am addicted to it now because i keep playing it..

  3. Joker Poker is the kind of poker that i am used to playing. I don’t win much but i guess i am addicted to it now because i keep playing it..

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