Kids Are Winning With Ohio Gambling

The thought of getting something for free or winning a big lottery is a dream for many people. However, people who have extra money to gamble with are not always betting the wagers that are being put down on things such as races, pull-tabs, lotteries, casino games, or online gambling. Many of the people who are involved in gambling cannot necessarily afford to invest the money in a chance profit, when they have other monetary commitments to their families and children that they should be taking care of first. Regardless, many people choose to gamble with their money instead of taking care of obligations to things such as child support. This is no longer the case in Ohio.

The issue of deadbeat parents not paying their required child support is a huge issue throughout the United States. In Ohio however, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services has teamed up with the casinos to catch these offenders. Relying on a network of agencies looking to collect these monies, the department is able to check the winnings of gamblers against their database of past due or overdue child support payments owed by the winner of the lottery or gaming payout. This program has generated close to three million dollars since 2001. This program will now be introduced to the four casinos in Dayton.

The program targets large winning jackpots that are won in the casinos. The department investigates large winnings such as winning jackpots on slot machines of $1,200.00 or more. For the table games, the amount raises to $5,000.00. When the gamer is playing the high-stakes games such as poker or blackjack, the winning trigger amount drops down to $600.00. Using these minimum guidelines to collect unpaid and delinquent child support will generate millions of dollars that will be distributed to and directly benefit the children who have suffered because of their situations. There will still be the delinquent payments that are not collected because of the lower jackpot payouts; however, this networking will prove successful in collecting a life-changing amount of revenue for the children.

When it comes to the safety and health of children, it is the duty of every parent to supply their children with the love, support, and supplies that they need to become productive members of society. Unfortunately, many parents do not take this role very seriously and put themselves ahead of their children’s needs. Often a gambling addiction is the issue within the family, and the children are left to suffer because of a lack of money in the household. These funds are needed to supply the children with such basic things as food, clothing, school supplies, and all other expenses that are incurred.

The teaming of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, with the co-operation of the casinos of Dayton, and the enlisted debtors all working together to assure that no children in Ohio are going to bed hungry at night based on the roll of a die.

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  1. Thats my boy!! If you win, they will allow you to gamble. But if you loose? Your parents will beat you? Play safe kid..

  2. Almost every parents in this world, teach their children a card play. So apparently parents give the fundamental gamble education to their children.

  3. I strongly agree and give applause, what has been done casino in Dayton and the team from Ohio in helping children who suffer. Hopefully Casino elsewhere can do the same.

  4. Yes, and there’s so many casino outhere done the same thing without publication. perhaps gambling business is one of the most generous business who help many unlucky people outhere.

  5. Ohio department of job and family services is doing its best to support children in getting basic things such as food clothing etc from funds unpaid from casinos.

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