Kiowa Casino, Devol – Oklahoma

Location of Kiowa Casino in Devol, Oklahoma

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Kiowa Casino – Oklahoma, United States.

Kiowa Casino is located in Devol, Oklahoma the Texas border is just a stone’s throw from Kiowa. The Casino is packed with excitement and Vegas style gaming for everyone. The casino offers over 900 interactive slots of every type imaginable. Five reel progressive slots along with many other themed games can cause anyone to find excitement. Keno and other types of slot games are very abundant. Fun and excitement is constantly on the parade through the casino. Casino hosts are located throughout the casino awaiting every player’s needs. The casino has a high rate of player loyalty. Player loyalty is the way the casino keeps players feeling like they have experience gaming on a world class scale. Kiowa Casino delivers the goods when it comes to making a player wish they were back for another exciting adventure.

The casino is designed with guest in mind. Guest will find that the staff that are at their service 24 hours a day are skilled in knowing how to keep their guests returning. Quality and Las Vegas style gaming is very well presented to all who make the choice to come to Kiowa Casino. If your taste is for slots that are engaging then Kiowa Casino can bring you the time of your life. Denominations of slot play range from a penny to the high roller wager of $25.00. Winners from all around the world have come to Kiowa Casino and left being the winner of huge jackpots. Slots are very liberal and jackpots are won almost every day.

Promotions are excellent at Kiowa Casino.
Rewards cards are offered to each patron. The reward card tracks play and allows each casino guest to earn rewards that can be applied to everything from dinning, hotel accommodations and many other offers. Many other promotions are created and offed as the season changes. Military discounts are available in all areas of the casino.

Table games are offered all through the casino. If you are a card player then everything from Blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold-Em, Lunar Poker, and 3 Card Poker there is something for every player that visits this beautiful Casino. If you happen to be new to the world of card playing then have no fear Kiowa Casino and its world renowned staff offer each player the chance to sharpen their skills on their game of choice with lessons by their friendly staff. When lady luck comes the player’s way Kiowa Casino lets luck flow. Many players have won their fair share from the clubs wide range of table games.

As your night takes shape and your appetite begins to crave for satisfaction Kiowa Casino serves the pallet with food that is first rate. The choices are many but the casino offers its patrons the chance to taste from its steak house called Morning Star Steaks. Morning Star Steaks serves an outstanding sirloin steak that rivals dinner houses from around the globe. A fine wine selection also is offered to its guests. Kiowa chefs select only the best beef, aged 21-days then hand cut by skilled butchers and trimmed to meet the scrutiny of Kiowa’s master Chefs and their demanding specifications, then to top off the perfection of flavor all steaks are grilled over an open flame. The steakhouse Hours of operation are Wed-Thurs 5:00pm to 10:00. Fri-Sat 5:00pm to 10:30 pm. Sunday 4:00pm 8:00pm. Closed Mondays.

If your taste for dinning is something different, then Kiowa Casino has two more places to satisfy you and your dinning taste. Morning Star Buffet is lavished with an assortment of mouth-watering foods that will keep you coming back for more. Price are very affordable at a rate great for anyone’s budget. Operation hours fluctuate so call ahead for times.

If sports and the mixture of a good burger calls your taste buds to flavor then Kiowa Casino has a place for you. The Winners Circle Sports Bar and Grille can serve up the goods. A burger and fries is modestly priced and the atmosphere of the sports bar will place you on cloud nine. Large television screens broadcast your favored sports game while great smells permeate the sports bar causing appetites to flare. Kiowa really took into consideration their clubs clientele when they created this great place to dine and enjoy the day. Karaoke is offered Thursday Nights: 7 pm – 10 pm. MAD MARTIN and his Bear Crew from 104.7. Host this show. Everyone that feels they want to try out for their singing career is welcomed along with novice and intermediate singers.

The Kiowa Casino is located on Kiowa Indian reservation grounds that date back to the treaty between the United States and the Kiowa tribe of 1867. The only reservation land that exists now in present times is land that was leased to white settlers in the early 1900s. As a tribe the Kiowa’s were considered a fierce fighting nation that was full of honor and bravery. Many Native Americans are employed by Kiowa Casino. The heritage of this great nation can be seen in the casinos art and decor located throughout the casino.
Casino host are well versed in local information and accommodations that are available in the area.

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