Knowledge is Power against hidden app fees

In the gaming world, millions of gambling apps are downloaded each and every day at a phenomenal rate. People enjoy playing games. Games are made to be fun and they are suppose to be entertaining.

Mobile games have changed over the years, so much that they are now considered to be the overly annoying extra’s of the internet world. Free gambling games is now a business that many people are become a victim of. To really enjoy your free gambling app most of the time you have to pay for extra credits. Gone are the days of playing games online for absolutely free.

Free Doesn’t Always Mean Free

What some people don’t realize is what fees lie beneath that free app persona. Yes, it may be free to download at first, but then it becomes a money engaging app to keep you hooked and playing. Many companies are even charging children under the age of 21 these fees without adult verification and acceptance. Children’s apps are also loaded with in app purchases.

Where they get you is after the download. Many charges begin to occur when you reach a certain level, or achievement in a game where you need to purchase something to continue. Let’s say coins or specialty items. These may seem minimal at first, but grow to be larger sums of money in the end. Once they have your specialty purchase you’re pretty much now in their file as an in app purchaser . Watch out for all the spam associated with that and unwanted emails looking to suck you in further. There are also specialty ads and promos in apps depending on which game you’re playing. Some ads even display across your app hindering your game play and may be at a cost to you to remove them. Costing you even more money just to play. See where this is going?

Not everyone falls victim to these hidden in game fees,many survive and overlook them with ease simply because they haven’t got the funds or just because they are too smart to fall victim. But many others have spent well over there limit for these so called extras or game enhancers. Gamblers see these extras as a way to improve their gambling experience and then unfortunately later it becomes an addictive pattern of behavior, costing many people thousands of dollars a year. Many people have gambling issues and play these apps daily. If you do suffer from a gambling problem before playing these games, these fees could possibly cause other problems in your life as well. Playing in moderation is best for everyone, so addictive behaviors don’t magnify.

Most of all the popular games downloaded have hidden fees associated with them: Zynga Poker,Apple Texas Holdem, All Slots Casino just to name a few. It’s how they make money off those “free” apps. If you have downloaded any recently, some of them have made a few changes to their in app purchases where others have not. Some companies offer discounts if you purchase in bulk packs or sets. Some offer “freebies” if you order, but overall it’s not free. They are out to get you to spend money. Deciding which game is less of a hassle to play is your choice. Choose wisely and it will be less costly, benefiting you in the long run.

Avoid Unauthorized use of your Gambling app

You can avoid some of these fees if you take a few precautionary measures. Avoid downloading these apps in the first place. The free gambling app should be exactly that, FREE. Don’t add on any extras while playing the games even though it may instruct you too. Play only a few times a week not everyday. Don’t associate all your accounts with your gambling apps. Adjust the settings on your computer or iPhone to not accept in app purchases or even set ups.

Arrange alerts for in app purchases and always safe guard your passwords and credit card information from everyone. Changing passwords for your apps and other games is always a good idea every few months as to avoid someone hacking and getting your information .

Do remember, don’t accidentally click the in app ad, because refunds aren’t easily returned. Trying to reach someone for help regarding refunds is a time consuming process. Even if it was an accident, clicked by a child, or some kind of mistake, it still will pose a hassle to you. That’s what they want, for you to forget about the refund after the process takes so long, even if they had decided to return your money. Expect a long wait and excuses why they won’t return your money.


The important thing to remember is that free gambling games should be free. You should be able to play them without investing any type of money. Once you get to the point of playing for money, you can easily find yourself stuck in a whirl wind. Gambling over your mobile phone, and gambling at live casinos are two totally different things. And although both can create an addictive personality, one isn’t attached to your hip 24 hours a day.

There is a sneaky side to free gambling apps that should never be overlooked. In the app world, there is no such thing as free. Free will more than likely get you access, but once you begin to crave more, you will have to pay for what you want. Avoid giving away too much of your money for the enjoyment of free gambling apps, and be mindful of the potential charges. Being informed will make you a savvier customer, as well as give you the power to stand against companies who are overloading these free gambling apps with fees.

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  1. From article above, i can see that user or costumer did not protected by certain rule.. is there any regulation on android? No, so far i’ve never heard that. I hopo google read this article.. there are so many victim outhere

  2. Oh ! Very strange information. Thank you @admin to make us familiar with such kinds of Apps.
    It is not fair, that there will be mention that this gambling app is free, but then after using it, they charged us for games to select and play.
    After reading this whole article, Today I realized that, Mobile gambling is really a different thing than Land-based gambling. We all need to be careful while going for mobile gambling.
    @bernardbear is correct. I also hope that Google will read this article.

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