World leading online betting and gaming company Ladbrokes PLC has signed a partnership with the English Football Association. The long term agreement which is expected to start on August 1st, 2016 will see Ladbroke become the new official betting partner of the FA. The deal was confirmed by the football association of June 3rd, 2016.
Ladbrokes is not new to online betting and gaming as the company boasts of having more than 2700 betting outlets in the United Kingdom, Ireland Belgium and Spain. Ladbroke is replacing William Hill as the official FA betting partner. William Hill has been serving as the official English Football Association official betting partner since 2012.
It is great news for the bookmaker as its new relationship with the Football Association spans both the England national team and the Emirates FA Cup. This is the third major partnership deal for Ladbrokes as earlier this year the bookmaker became the official sponsor of the 2016 World Grand Prix and the Players Championship Snooker Tournaments. After signing the deal with the FA, Ladbrokes official announced that for them to increase exposure in the United Kingdom, they had to pursue organic growth via increased marketing strategies.
England national football team has more than 800 million followers globally making it the most supported sports team in the world. Ladbrokes agreement with the FA will keep the bookmakers for years to come. This is because as per the agreement, Ladbrokes also gains Wembley Stadium betting rights for all FA Cup events. The English Premier League, on the other hand, is regarded by many as the best football leagues in the world. It is no coincidence that Ladbrokes decided to invest in the United Kingdom. The English Premier League will be starting in August, and the bookmaker cannot wait to start ripping the benefits of its investments.
Last season, The Emirates FA Cup enjoyed a stellar year with matches being reported to have been broadcasted in over 175 countries. In the United Kingdom alone, an audience of more than 10 million tuned in for the much-awaited final which saw Manchester United emerge as the winners over Crystal Palace. Ladbrokes will greatly benefit from premium brand exposure on England senior men’s matches alongside all rounds of the Emirates FA Cup ties.
Another major item included in the agreement is that Ladbrokes will have all the in-stadia betting rights of Wembley Stadium. This will enable the bookmaker to engage directly with their existing audience at the same time drive customer acquisition from events held at the stadium. Betfred has previously held the in-stadia betting rights since summer 2007. A vast majority of Ladbrokes clients and football betting fanatics prefer betting on first division or top league matches. However, the interest in betting by these fans in the final stages of competitions such as the FA Cup is and will always be very high.
Ladbrokes now joins the list of outstanding English Football Association partners that provide support across the England team. Indeed, this partnership has come at a time when the Football Association is investing in record levels back into football. The FA is a non-profit organization and such investments into football are a gesture from the organization on the importance of the sport to England.
Straight after signing the partnership agreement, Ladbrokes officials said they were delighted and excited in becoming the beating heart of the beautiful game of football. Ladbrokes’ CEO was quoted saying that bring at the heart of football in the UK became the company’s main goal when he took over office a year ago. It is not only strategic but a calculated move for the bookmaker to invest in an area where they can make a difference since this is where they are good at. This deal definitely strengthens the passion of sport that is evident in Ladbrokes.
Ladbrokes will have to be more than a company that just hands over the cheque. The bookmaker will have to make itself seen as a company that will make its customers and football fans to be an integral part of what makes English football the best.
Ladbrokes, a FTSE 250-listed company, is currently in a process of completing merger negotiations with one of its peers Gala Cortal. The two companies are still waiting for the Competition and Market Authority to approve the merger. Once approved, the two companies will together own a combined 4004 betting venues in Britain with Ladbrokes owning more than a half of them.