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Location of Lady Luck in Black Hawk, Colorado

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Lady Luck Casino – Colorado, United States

Lady Luck Casino is located in Blackhawk, Colorado, and there is a hotel on the property, dining, as well as other amenities. There are many events and promotions that go on in the casino, and you can find more information about them, by going into the casino directly, or by visiting the website. There are also many events that take place on property throughout the month, every month. When you’re ready to play, or stay on the property, then you can make reservations for a hotel stay, or you can just show up and play at the casino. There are also dining options available on the property as well.

For those who are looking to stay in the hotel, if you’re not already a member of the casino, then you can go and pay for your rooms. It’s possible to get rewards and discounts in the form of hotel stays, if you’re a member of the casino, and you’ve played, and earned so many points. You can make reservations for a room, and it’s always best to book ahead of time, as the rooms can fill up quickly, because of the popularity of the casino and hotel. There are different sized rooms available, as well as different bed sizes.

Each room has a safe, in case you win it big at the casino, then you have some place to stash your money. The beds are pillow top, meaning they are very comfortable. Each room has a flat screen TV, along with cable TV, and wireless internet is also available. There are other amenities at the hotel, so you can have a comfortable stay, after a long day of playing in the casino. Room types include standard, deluxe and junior suites. You can easily have amazing accommodations, which may include a jetted tub.

Hair dryers, coffee makers, irons with ironing boards, and a separate sitting area, may come with your room rental. No matter what type of room you stay in, you can easily have a great stay. When you’re ready to dine on property, you have a couple choices. There are two restaurants on property, which are Otis & Henry’s Bar and Grill, or the express version of the same restaurant. A lot of people choose to hang out at the bar and grill, as well as eating great food. Both locations are open every day of the week, during certain hours.

You can choose from many different types of foods, which are fast and easy to cook, so can quickly have a great meal, and get on your way to gaming. A full breakfast menu is available each day, until 11 AM, at the bar and grill. You should also check out the Blue Plate specials, which are only $6.99. There’s also a great dessert menu available, for those who have a sweet tooth. The express version of the restaurant will accept comps, which are given to those who have played in the casino.

After earning so many points, casino players can receive compensation in the form of $10 worth of free food or more. The O&H Express can accept these compensations, in order for you to obtain food from the restaurant. When you’re ready to go out onto the gaming floor and play, be aware of the many promotions that are going on. There are certain days where promotions will be active in the casino, while sometimes, promotions only go through certain months. On Fridays and Saturdays, there is what’s called a Points Multiplier Party, where you can get 20x’s the points on the penny slots. This promotion last from 8 AM-4 PM.

Another great promotion is Club 40, which is on Mondays and Wednesdays, and you can earn six times the points on the slot games, as well as food credits. Guests have to be 40 years old or older, in order to qualify, and they must register at the guest services desk, and then they’ll receive their points. There are 2x’s the points rewarded on video poker slots, and eligible guests can receive $10 in food credit, after they’ve earned 25 points that are unadjusted. You can also look for the other promotions that go on throughout the month.

It’s imperative to look out for the promotions that involve multipliers or free play, because you can easily multiply your winnings, just by playing on certain days. Before you begin playing in the casino, you’ll want to sign up for the Fan Club, which is a great way to earn points and rewards. After you join the Fan Club, you can earn points by playing on slot machines, as well as table games that are at the Lady Luck Casino. You can find out more information, by going to the Fan Club rewards website, or you can inquire inside the casino.

The initial club card is free, but Select, Gold, Platinum, and Millionaire cards must be earned, and you can earn them by receiving so many points. Points are earned through play, so the more you play, the more you’ll earn. The compensations go up, the higher tier you get to. Many of the compensations include, earning points on the slots, participation in promotions, coupons and special offers, special hotel offers, same day cash back, monthly point multipliers, a birthday gift, anniversary food credit, Carnival Cruise line benefits, free room upgrades and much more.

Take your Fan Club card, and go over to the casino for some gaming, and don’t forget to use it each time you play. The Lady Luck Casino has both slot games and table games. There is also a Poker room, for those who are interested in playing. Table games include Craps, Roulette, and Three Card Poker. There are over 500 slots on the gaming floor, including video Poker machines. The slot machines have diverse pay lines, as well as bet amounts, so you can easily choose how much you’d want to wager. Join in the fun at Lady Luck Casino, and stay in the hotel, after you play.

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