Lavo Casino Club is a classy mix of nightlife and gaming

There are a wide variety of places trying to be the best entertainment in Las Vegas. Some places provide a great atmosphere, others provide great casino gaming. However, it is rare to find a place that has found the perfect blend of both nightlife and casino gaming. Lavo Casino Club truly has become an innovator in what people expect from casino clubs. From dining to nightlife, Lavo has changed the face of night time fun for people in the area. For a food enthusiast, Lavo Casino Club provides a delicious blend of Italian food and bottle service. It is easy to see that clubs such as this provide more than just a service to customers, but more of an experience. This high end club is everything that a perfect date-night would include. From the great Italian cuisine to the late night gaming experience, Lavo Casino Club has it all. In comparison to other late night happening places, Lavo definitely tops the list.

When considering what makes a perfect place of entertainment, there are a few different aspects that should be addressed. Does the place serve great food? Great drinks? Is there something fun to do? Customers want to know that they are investing their money into something that is worth it. Too many times people have paid money only to be left disappointed, wishing there was something more. Lavo Casino Club has answered all of these questions for its guests. Lavo Casino Club is a perfect blend of nightlife and gaming that will please a wide array or different crowds.

Beginning with brunch, Lavo Casino Club begins the day with a bang. It is not only the nightlife that Lavo is known for. From day begin to day end, Lavo Casino Club is giving customers exactly what they need. For people that are looking for somewhere to spend a whole day, this is the place. The brunch menu is over the top, offering classic breakfast items to more complex dishes. Whether it be eggs, pancakes, or even a salad, it is on the menu. The menu at Lavo Casino Club was created to fit the needs of everyone that walks through the door. There are no limitations to what customers can order and it is unlikely that customers will find the menu inadequate. Diners are treated like royalty from breakfast to dinner while experiencing the Lavo Restaurant.

The lavish Italian cuisine provides a menu of delicious meals that can start an evening off with a bang. Meal goers can experience Lavo’s well-known raw bar, consisting of only the finest clams and oysters, before digging deep into an authentic plate of Italian pasta or meatballs. For those who would rather indulge in a high quality steak, Lavo has exactly what is needed. The menu is vast and has something for everyone.

Equally as vast as the food menu, the drink menu is built to please the most specific of drink lovers. Whether or not the customers are looking for an elegant glass of red wine or an exotic mixed drink, there is something available. From Chardonnay to Bubbles and Berries, Lavo Casino Club has a drink for each of its customers. Sitting alongside a steaming hot plate of authentic Italian pasta, a tall glass of red wine is pleasing to the eye and the stomach.

Although the pleasure could end with such a delicious meal, it does not. Lava Casino Club’s restaurant is only the beginning of the fun. Whether individuals want to spend time with friends or try their luck at the tables, Lavo has something to entertain just about anybody.

Lavo Casino Club adds a touch of elegance to typical casino gaming. This first class experience allows for customers to indulge in a fun and unimaginable casino experience. Stand alongside friends at Lavo’s lavish casino tables while trying luck at a few games. Sit back and relax in Lavo Casino Club’s comfortable and classy atmosphere while enjoying a mixed drink from the long list of possible combinations.

Not only does Lavo Casino Club provide an atmosphere that is fitting for royalty, but it also remains mindful of its customer’s desire to find great deals. Making reservations is simple and there are a list of packages available for those who would like the most for their money. Packages include drinks and dining, casino reservations, and VIP treatment. Choosing a package is not only a smart economical choice, but it can also get customers special treatment in different clubs, such as the TAO nightclub, which is promoted in one of the packages.

There is really no other option than Lavo Casino Club when choosing a classy place to spend an evening, or even a whole day. Treating friends of loved ones to an atmosphere that includes both fine dining and gaming is something that is altogether pleasing. In a world in which everything has turned digital, people have forgotten how enjoyable the nightlife experience can be. Lavo gives customers a reason to dress up and get together with friends for an epic and enjoyable experience. While other attempts to provide the perfect blend of nightlife and gaming have failed, Lavo Casino Club has really succeeded at being a monumental Las Vegas attraction.

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