Learn more about Texas Hold’em Poker
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Poker is a card game that consists of 52 number cards divided into four sections,diamonds,clubs,hearts and spades (according to the type of card from the smallest to the largest.

Depth sequence:

1. High Card: The card which is not at all the players who fit the card number with the number 5 cards open, then the winner is the holder of the card with the highest number of players. for example, none of the cards match, you have the card number 10, and the opponent has the card 7. So you’re the one who will win the match).

2. One Pair (Couple): Cardholders have one card in hand 1 card that fits in the open. The winner is the highest among the cards one pair of players (if there is one pair that hold the card as well, for example, you hold one pair J card, your opponent hold king pair. So you lose).

3. Two Pair (Two Posting): Cardholders have 2 cards in hand that matches the 2 cards are in the open. The winner is the highest pair of two cards among the players (one of the highest one pair of cards your opponent. You hold the cards 2 pair, for example, pair 10 and your opponent holds a pair J. pair 10 and a pair 4. So this would be the top pair held that A pair, so you’re the one who will win).

4. 3 of a kind (three cards the same number): The cardholder has a total of 3 cards with the same number of cards in the open (as seen from the biggest 3 of a kind). You 3 of a kind the US, he 3 of a kind King. So you win.

5. Straight (5 cards sequential): The cardholder has 5 cards that can be arranged in sequence with the card is opened (for example, opponents also have cards in sequence, the winner is the card that has the highest sequence). You cards and card 1,2,3,4,5 2,3,4,5,6 opponent. Then your opponent wins.

6. Flush (5 cards of the same type): Cardholders have five cards of the same type (Diamond, Club, Heart, Spade). Cards of your opponent has 5 types of clubs, and you have 5 types of heart, then you are the one who wins. If both have the same type of card, the winnings will be divided based on the number of players that are still open card (not fold).

7. Full House (three of a kind Card + One Pair): Card where there are 3 cards 3 of a kind plus one pair card as the card is read full house 4,4,4,2,2 highest when there are equally full house in the game.

8. Straight Flush (5 sequential cards of the same type): Card 5 cards which you hold the card straight and five of a kind. It’s called a straight flush. These cards are difficult to obtain, when it can eat this card has reached 90% victory.

9. Royal Flush (5 cards of the same type but sequential and starting from card to card 10 US): Cards are the most difficult to obtain. Fortunately gets it. This card is a card that we have such a card card straight flush, but the order is fixed to the US, such as cards 10, J, Q, K, A. And for those who get this card is definitely a win.