Learning Craps Online Can Lead to Better Play in Land-Based Casinos

Craps can be one of the hardest games to learn. There are various betting strategies and it can be a very fast-paced game inside of a land-based casino. Most dealers don’t have the time or ability to provide you with lessons when you step up to the table. They want to see bets going onto the table and they assume that everyone knows the lingo in terms of where to place bets.

Dealers at a land-based casino will provide minimal instruction. If a person wants to place money on the pass line, there may be a reminder from the croupier to play odds once a number has been set. When a point is established, then there are various moves that can be made – and a dealer has their hands full with moving placed bets around and paying bets out to the other people around the table.

This means that if you want to learn craps, you have to find a land-based casino that will offer lessons. Or at least this was the only method of learning. With more online casinos coming online, it is now possible to play craps in a virtual setting where you can take your time with the bets.

In an online casino, you have the ability to sit down at a craps table and not have to worry about how fast paced it is. There will be no one yelling “Yo!” or tossing chips around for bets to be made on their behalf. You can simply take the time to learn the game at a speed that is comfortable to you.

A player can sit down at craps 24/7 and get in for a minimal amount of money. A major benefit to playing online is that deposit bonuses are often provided. This provides real money that can be used on making various bets. This can be the extra money that a person needs to play various bets throughout the craps scene to see what each one does.

There are countless books available on craps, though they are not always the most helpful when it comes to actual play. Reading about a placed bet is not the same as making one because it’s important to see how it plays out with the rolling of the dice. Players need to be able to see how money can be made when placing a number other than the one that the point is on.

The premise of craps is simple. Two dice are rolled and it is the player’s responsibility to choose numbers on the board in which they will make money. The average person places money on the pass line (as opposed to the do not pass). If a 7 or 11 show up on the come out roll, money is awarded. If a 2, 3 or 12 show up, the money is lost. If any other number appears in the come out roll, the point is identified. The goal then is to get the point to be paid.

The shooter, or person that is responsible for rolling the die, must try and roll to get the point. However, there are many bets that can be made until that happens, thus resulting in more money. This includes placing other numbers, making come bets, field bets, horn bets, playing hard ways and much more.

The confusion for beginner players is when and where to place the money. Many people don’t know to look for the on/off button to show whether it is a come out roll. Further, people don’t know how much they are supposed to put down on the various bets and how to maximize their money.

This is where the advantage of online casinos comes in. The virtual craps board is not going to allow people to make a bet that is not possible. There will be basic instructions for people as well as a tutorial that can be followed. The various components of the table will be explained and only the bets that are legitimate can be placed.

Learning while playing is going to be the easiest way to pick up all of the betting options within the game. If the point is 9, a person can place money on 6 and 8 to see how they are continuously paid when those numbers come up, even when the point is on 9. A person can also place money on the one-roll bets to understand that their money comes down after the roll while other bets, such as the hard ways, can last for longer periods of time.

Playing online provides the opportunity to learn more about the game, how the betting works, how the various bets pay, and what bets are more effective based upon where the point lies. Additionally, the free money bonuses that are provided on occasion can provide more money so that a player can bet more aggressively and bet in various areas of the board to gain familiarity with every component.

Once a person is able to bet confidently online, it can lead to more success in land-based casinos. A person can go up to one of the craps tables and place cash down on the table. The dealer will then provide chips to make it possible to place bets. Since there has already been play online, a player will be able to know the craps lingo and make the best possible bets.

Going into a land-based casino can provide excitement. The craps table is one of the most exciting games and almost always has a large crowd gathered around it. It’s one of the few games where people must stand as opposed to being given a chair to sit down in. There are more players allowed at a craps table and there are two sides – one on each side of the dealer. The other side of the table is then inside of the pit.

Live Dealer Games

There is something to be said about how interacting with a dealer can make the game come alive. Currently, Live Dealer games are available for roulette, blackjack and baccarat. There have yet to be craps games available using a Live Dealer. This may have to deal with the logistics of who is going to roll the dice since traditionally, the dice is rolled by a player. After each “craps,” the player to the left then becomes the shooter.

With online gaming evolving considerably over the past several years, it is only a matter of time before craps is able to obtain a Live Dealer as well. This can make it even easier for beginner players to familiarize themselves with play because they will be able to ask questions during play.

Current Live Dealer games of black jack and others can be slower because of the dealer interacting with the other players at the table. It is commonly a way for new players to get their questions answered and have a more socially aware game. It is also a way to ensure that all details of the game are understood because players don’t have to waste their money making bets they don’t understand simply to see what the outcome is.

The Ultimate Lesson

There are books and videos about craps, but in the end, most gamblers agree that the easiest way to learn the game is to take money to the table and start making bets. When the table is not crowded, it’s the easiest time to learn because the dealers are more likely to answer questions and provide assistance. Unfortunately for beginners, the craps table is rarely slow in land-based casinos.

This is why more beginners are turning to online casinos for their lessons. Players have no choice but to make the right bets because the computer will prevent bets from being made out of turn and when the button is either on or off. There is also the case of free money to help make bolder bets more affordable.

If you want to learn the game of craps, it’s easier to spend the money at an online table instead of buying a book. You can play at your pace and after spending some time online, you can venture into any land-based casino with considerably more confidence. If you don’t like the shouting and overall fast-play, you can always choose to play solely online – and hope for a Live Dealer to become available for the game.

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