Legalize Online Gambling In The United States

In many states around the United States citizens are unknowingly breaking the law. These vicious criminals are perpetrating the worst possible crime -online gambling. That is right, in many states it is actually illegal to partake in online gambling.

For some, like Washington State, it is due to Native Americans having the sole ownership of state gaming rights. For these states all gaming must be approved by the tribal counsel, often gaming is denied because the governing organization does not receive a compensation.

In other states such as North Carolina the state runs gaming; however, only electronic gaming is permitted. This means casinos are only allowed to have slots and virtual poker. For these states any online gaming takes away from the states’ ability to receive compensation.

Once, many years ago, the United States was a leader in gambling. From all around the world the wealthy would travel to participate in river boat gambling, or to test their abilities in a live table in the unruly west. Today, in the quickly growing global community the United States is slowly pulling away from unlimited internet usage by passing laws to limit what actions internet users are able to take.

Online gambling may be a small issue on free internet use, but it is a starting point. Being able to participate in international gaming online allows connectivity and networking of people across the globe and the United States. Money both won and lost during online gambling only helps the economies of all states and nations involved. Considering how integrated the world wide economies have become it only makes sense to permit all states, and all U.S. Citizens to participate in this quickly growing industry.

As an American it is time to stop breaking the law and instead change the law. Push for your state to legalize online gambling. This industry allows the free movement of money across borders, in the end it makes everyone richer in a multitude of ways outside of mere currency.

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