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The slot game Leonidas King of the Spartans is a great game. Produced by Incredible Technologies, the game has lots of action, intricate strategy, and a storyline that draws people in. People love playing it on their own. However, few things are as much fun as live gaming. Being able to test your skills against friends and strangers is a great way to have a good time. Now comes word from Slots news that Leonidas King of the Spartans Slot is now available live. This gives fans of the game the best of both worlds. Not only will people enjoy playing the game, players can use it to compete against international competition.

The Battle At Thermopylae

The game Leonidas King of the Spartans is based on the legendary battle that took place at Thermopylae between the 300 brave, determined, Greek warriors led by the Spartan king Leonidas as they fought against Xerxes I and his Persian army during the second invasion of Greece by the Persians. The battle, which was retold in the 2007 film ‘The 300’, was among the ancient world’s most famous battles. This game allows players to insert themselves in the battle and devise their own strategy for helping the Greeks to defeat the invading Persians.

Historical Drama

As a 5 reel game with 40 paylines, Leonidas King of Sparta is wildly popular at many land based casinos. With its Spartan theme, engrossing music, and amazing in game scenery, it’s fun and has an epic feel to it. Plus it can be played on a wide range of devices starting at 80p a spin. The base game also gives players two special chances to win. When players take into consideration the game represents the legendary, historic battle of the vastly outnumbered 300 braves souls against a marauding army at the dangerous battlefield at Thermopylae, it only adds to the excitement.

It’s Now Live

Taking the game live makes playing Leonidas King of the Spartans an even more epic experience. Incredible Technologies has upped to ante and the fun by launching the game into the online slots world. This venture is almost guaranteed to have fans of the game jumping for joy and attract many new players to the game. The online platform offers a great opportunity for players from the far flung corners of the world to dive into this historical drama and attempt to alter its outcome. Plus offering it live at BetVictor Slots is a great move.

More Players More Fun

The Leonidas King of the Spartans live online launch will now allow millions of people to be able to enjoy this fantastic game. Now whether players are in China, India, or Argentina, the online version of the games makes it possible to enjoy it just as much or maybe even more than people playing it in the land based casinos. All players still have to look out for symbols of Leonidas’ face on the first two reels as soldiers transform and draw shields. Meanwhile the other three reels will spin. Should the symbol of Leonidas’ face land, it will join a stack which will result in a Group Leonidas Win. Big wins are also available with as many as 6 Leonidas symbols. It’s called a Random Leonidas Win.

One of the major things that attract players is what’s called the Free Spin Battle. This feature begins with 5 free spins and players can get additional free spins. They include 1 reel with a locked stacked wild, a 2x Spartan wild, and a prize that’s a 5x stake cash. To earn a frozen wild card and boost winnings, players must have as many of the 3 Leonidas symbols survive an attack with arrows. The game is considered medium to high variance and is loads of fun. Players will not only have a great time now that the game is live online, it lets people actively challenge competitors worldwide.

This game is hopefully the first of many Incredible Technologies will move to online platforms. It is just one more reason for people looking for fun and excitement to register with Online-Slot.co.uk. Plus there is also a chance to use free spins and win lots of money.