Let it Ride

let-it-rideLet It Ride was created in 1993 by Shuffle Master as a way to make the basic game of 5-card draw poker more popular. Players have the choice of increasing their bets when holding a good hand and decreasing them when holding a poor hand. Bonus bets add to the excitement by boosting the player’s potential payout.


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To start the game, you must make three bets of the same size. Some Let it Ride varieties also include a smaller bonus bet of one to five dollars. The bonus bet increases the payouts for winning hands by five to ten times, depending on the pay table. If the casino offers a three-card bonus bet, the additional payout is based only on the strength of your first three cards. The three-card bonus bet also adds a payout for being dealt a mini royal flush, which is an Ace, King and Queen of the same suit.

The dealer will give you three cards in the first round of the game. If you are playing with other people at the same table, they will each receive a three-card hand of their own. If you do not like your chances of turning those first three cards into a winning hand, you can take back your bet for the next round. When you have a good starting hand, you can let the bet ride to increase your final payout when you hit a winning hand.

After all players have decided whether or not to let it ride, the dealer will place the first community card face up on the table. All players will use these cards in combination with their own three cards to make the best possible five-card hand. Each player will again have the option of taking their bets back or letting them ride to the next round. The dealer will then place the final community card face up on the table.

At the conclusion of play, you will be paid based on your final five-card hand and the pay table that applies at your casino. Each round you allow your bet to ride multiplies the pay table by the amount of that bet. For example, if you bet 100 dollars each round and finished with four-of-a-kind on a table with a payout of 50 per dollar bet, you would be paid $15,000. Adding the bonus bet would give you another 100 dollars on most bonus pay tables.

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  2. I like the bonus bets. They add to the excitement by boosting my potential payout.

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