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If you love our website and current mission project please feel free to link to us from your website.

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  1. I will most definitely put a banner on my website to show support

  2. I Have added the banner in my best and heavily traffic blog

  3. These banners are surely an attractive way to promote via the personal blogs. 🙂

  4. I love this site, in addition to a lot of games that can be played and we can earn extra income if active on this site

  5. We can do both of these here on this site, can play games and also can earn points to earn cash online

  6. Saw the text link but banners usually get better click through rate so I decided to go with the banner. Its a much better way to promote the site, thanks.

    • There is no tracking ID on any of the banners lol, how are you guys tracking banner hits/impressions and referrals?

  7. If we put this thing in our website, what kind of reward from OC for us?

  8. The promotional site is amazing….many kind of banner, video ads to promote the to the internet worl….

  9. You can use these banners on your own website or place banners any where you want.
    Just make sure you insert your referral link in it.

  10. Can I share these banner in my blogger blogs ?

    Should I get any points for promoting OC through banners?

  11. i am pleased to be a member of this great site, doing marvelous job, let me go share the link on facebook to let my friends know about it

  12. iam going add banners in my website to promote it everyone should have to know about

  13. @admin I do one question?

    If we link to you and use our resources and provide a backlink for your SEO. Will you in someway or in turn let us have the opprotunity to have a backlink to our websites. Since there is no referral program anymore.

    I would venture to say that if you did a link exchange say under a new tab called “Supporters” and just made it available if the link exchange was live as a Text Link or Text Link with thumbnail preview.

    Just a thought as I have your link on my website and am willing to put it on all my blogs and websites if you are willing to create a “Sponsors Page”

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