Local Casinos in Wyoming

Wind River

The Wind River is a hotel and casino that is located two mile to the south of Riverton. It is located at 10269 Wyoming 789. The casino is able to offer its quests ninety hotel rooms that are very well appointed. This includes things like the ability to go an exercise area, free coffee, coffee pots in the rooms, and large flat screen televisions. The hotel is also able to offer six handicap accessible rooms that have kind sized beds, and six more rooms that are able to accept pets.

The casino itself is exceptionally nice. It has eight hundred amazing slot machines, which offer a huge amount of play. The Wind River Casino has table games, and it also has two casinos and espresso bars. The Wind River Casino gears itself towards being a very clean environment. Alcohol is not allowed in the casino or the hotel rooms. In addition, smoking is not allowed in the Wind River Casino. This makes it a great place for persons who are traveling to enjoy Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, and The Grand Tetons.

Little Wind

The Little Wind Casino is located in Ethete at 800 Blue Sky Highway 132. The casino features 1,920 square feet of space on its gaming floor. This makes it the kind of casino that is very good for persons who want to enjoy a smaller gaming experience that does not have the distractions that are commonly found in larger casinos. Despite its smaller space, the Little Wind Casino is able to offer visitors the chance to play a full range of games including slots and table games.

The Little Wind Casino features a bar and grill restaurant. The restaurant is able to offer visitors alcohol, and persons are allowed to take their drinks out onto the gaming floor. The Little Wind Casino also has a gas station and a convenience store right next to it. This makes it a great place for persons who are simply going to enjoy the thrill of gaming, and may be interested in having a nice diner.

Shoshone Rose

The Shoshone Rose Casino is located in Lander along the strip of Dwight D. Eisenhower Hwy, which runs right through the town. The Shoshone Rose Casino is the second largest of the three casinos in the state of Wyoming. The Shoshone Rose Casino features three hundred “Vegas” inspired slot machines. This means that the machines are designed to make playing a very immersive activity, and they feature items that are common in traditional slot machines. This is different than most other casinos, which will have slot machines were one can play things like bingo and video poker. The Shoshone Rose Casino is also able to offer persons the chance to play two deck blackjack, and three card poker. However, it does not have private gaming rooms where one can play full sized poker. It is also possible to sign up for a club membership that allows for one to get deals on play, food, and drinks.

The Shoshone Rose has a restaurant called Deka-Guy Hee. The restaurant is open from seven in the morning until nine at night, and serves breakfast lunch and dinner. The Deka-Guy Hee restaurant is able to offer traditional dishes like Indian Tacos, but it is also possible to enjoy a nice steak dinner. The restaurant is separate from the gaming floor, and so it is not overly loud.

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