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If you’re wondering where to place your next bet – a local casino or online casino – it’s important to understand the differences between the two. Although they both offer an assortment of games and opportunities to win money, they vary in 10 key ways. As a result, depending on your personal preference or lifestyle, one venue might be better suited for you than the other.

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Local casinos and online casinos run on opposing platforms. The former is through a fixed structure equipped with tangible metal machines and tables. The latter requires a preset account and personal computer; a player does not have to leave the comfort of home and may bring his favorite casino with him everywhere as long as he has a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop with Internet access. It’s an old school versus new school setup based on the same concept that accommodates all types of gamblers. The main contrast is the approach.

Available Food

Are you hungry? Your local casino strives to ask and answer this question. Even the smallest of venues sells cheap food ranging from delectable chocolates to succulent seafood. In addition, they usually throw in free water, soda and coffee. For anyone who enjoys dining out, this is a treat. Yet, for individuals who prefer home cooked meals or ordering edibles from the neighborhood fast food joint, online casinos are the best. They give players the freedom to eat food, but with a wider selection and at a more reasonable price. There’s no need either to pick over a menu if you are trying to lose weight or follow a restricted diet.

Social Interaction

Are you a wall flower or social butterfly? One of the biggest differences between local casinos and online casinos is human contact. Whether you want to or not, you can’t avoid speaking with or being next to two-legged animals at a local casino. They’re everywhere, especially on a Saturday night. So, from an inquisitive fellow gambler to an over zealous waiter, someone will talk to you. Conversely, at an online casino, you have more control over your level of social interaction. You can invite another party into your space while playing or decide to fly solo. It’s up to you.

Live Entertainment

A big draw for larger local casinos is live entertainment. Renown magicians, singers and comics have funded their retirement off of them. A few have also become famous – household names known for their bigger-than-life acts. In some, there’s also adjoined night clubs and memorabilia shops that keep visitors amused. Conversely, online casinos don’t provide this type of amusement. Why? There’s no reason to hire a performer for a person gambling online when he can simultaneously watch a movie, chat with friends and listen to music for free through his personal computer.

Number of Games

Surprisingly, the most sought after games for both local casinos and online casinos are poker, black jack and slots. Participants at both arenas tend to enjoy these games presented in colorful designs or themes featuring animals, fictional characters or snack foods. Local casinos tend to offer players more options in this regard including hot trends in pop culture such as well-known characters on TV shows. Online casinos stick to to more classic themes. Since the odds of a player wanting to tab through pages and pages of games on a website are low, the quantity and style of games are kept at a minimum.

Operational Hours

Another major difference between local casinos and online casinos are hours of operation. Because of slow business and exterior upkeep, local casinos often shut their doors for a couple of hours a week or close off sections of their building. Online casinos rarely shut down or limit access. Unless they have to do some sort of technical difficulty, they remain open 24 hours in a day. This factor has contributed to the growing popularity of online gambling.

State Laws

Did you know that Utah and Hawaii are the only states that frown upon any form of gambling? Vacation in these places and you can’t even purchase a scratch ticket let alone go to a local casino or legally gamble online. Yet, most of the remaining U.S. territories deviate from this pattern. They don’t prohibit local casinos and either opt to support commercial or tribal ones. Controversy continues over online gambling creating mass confusion on whether it’s a criminal act or not in certain areas. What’s known for sure is that the officials in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have enacted laws green lighting online gambling.


Gambling is (you fill in the blank). Your thoughts about this activity affect whether or not you want others to know you gamble. At local casinos, there’s always a risk of running into friends or family members. So, privacy is limited. On the other hand, at an online casino, it’s much easier to remain anonymous. A creative screen name and decision to gamble at home prevents others even close associates from knowing your identity. This is definitely a perk for some adult males and females who’d rather keep their gambling a secret.

Pay Out

The most obvious difference between local casinos and online casinos is the pay out. What happens when you win? If you’re at a local casino, you approach a teller and exchange chips or a ticket for cash. If you’re at an online casino, you receive payment (usually within 48 hours) through an e-wallet such as Neteller or Pay Pal. Over the past decade, each process has improved to ensure the safety of gamblers. Security guards on post at local casinos diminish theft while cyber measures to secure e-transactions between online casinos, e-wallets and banks do the same virtually.


How much money do you want to spend gambling? The cost to patronize a local casino versus an online casino is drastic. Gassing up your car. Buying or putting together an outfit. Going to a semi-complementary show followed up with drinks and dinner. All of these activities add up and compound what you spend for a night gambling. Online gambling is much cheaper because all you have to do is turn on a computer. Everything else is optional.

In conclusion, local casinos and online casinos do differ. From the manner in which you gain entrance to the amount you pay out of pocket just to play, they vary. For this reason, determining which venue is ‘right’ for you involves a realistic view of your life. According to studies, middle aged people tend to frequent local casinos while college students prefer online casinos. Based on the above 10 points, this makes sense. Older, financially stable gamblers can afford to pay for a night out on the town at their local casino while younger less established counterparts cannot. Therefore, whether you opt for local casinos or online casinos, it’s a personal choice.

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