Louisiana Online Gambling Law

As online gambling increases in popularity, individual states are having to put into place their own laws regarding online gambling, so before an online gambling enthusiast puts into place their favorite pastime he or she must check the online gambling laws of that state. These specific laws are set into place, creating the foundation for online gambling in that state.

One state chosen as an example of state laws regarding online gambling put into place is the State of Louisiana. Just because Louisiana is one state that does not really make clear, the issues brought forth for online gambling; do not take anything for granted. It is essential to get a clear understanding of the laws first, in order to keep out of the laws radar system.

Presently there are no restrictions on online gambling at the Federal level. The only thing that the Federal Government has done is to ban financial institutions from transacting payments related to online gambling.

In Louisiana, the online gambling industry is thriving just much as online gambling is thriving in states across the nation. There are excellent online gambling sites in which Louisiana residents can take part.

In order to participate in online gambling the participant must be 21-years of age. Louisiana considers any online gambling participants under this age a crime. Louisiana residents must know their laws in order to play securely and legally.

The state of Louisiana has tested several online gambling sites. It is reassuring to know that this state cares for their residents enough to protect them and give them the thumbs up in integrity and honesty of these sites. Online gaming such as poker is legal in Louisiana at any hour of the day. The rooms in which this state checked have lots of various room, different stakes, various room sizes and many different online games. Some of these state checked sites offer deposit bonuses.

The State of Louisiana went a step further to list for their residents online gambling sites that offer no risks to their residents where cheating and less than up and honest sites are allowed. The safety of Louisiana residents is top priority for lawmakers in this state, where only the best tried and true online gambling sites recommended as safe and secure.

Thus back to the query, “Is online gambling legal in the State of Louisiana?” If this state went the additional mile to list highly recommended online gambling casinos to protect their residents, the answer is “Yes, online gambling is legal in Louisiana, from sports betting, poker games to casino gambling.”

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  1. Thank you for your assessment of Louisiana’s laws regarding legality.
    I am from Louisiana and there are still poker sites that will not accept players from Louisiana. So always do your own research before attempting to play anywhere.

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