Love and Money Slot

love-and-moneyThey say love makes the world go round, but it doesn’t hurt to have money to make the ride even more enjoyable. The gaming wizards at Rival have outdone themselves with the video slot, Love and Money, bringing together a classic combination in an innovative way that will capture the attention of gamers from the first spin. A colorful scene straight out of a fantasy world sets the stage for play. Gamers are introduced to the central character during the introduction. Meet a writer who craves fame and fortune. He’ll be wrapped up in the ultimate love story, one in which it really is true, “All you need is love.”


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Take a Trip Back in Time
Love and Money is set at a simpler time in the 19th century as our young writer is propped against a tree, studying his surroundings, searching for inspiration to write a novel beyond compare. Throw in a beautiful woman, a disreputable man, and it’s the recipe for love. Along the way, the gallant author will defeat his enemy to win the girl. In the meantime, there’s also the chance of a big win that will truly make our hero’s efforts worthwhile.

Love Will Find a Way
Encounter Cupid and receive as many as 10 free spins if a 3X multiplier is available. It’s all about being at the right time at the right moment. Like true love, if players are fated to have a good game, they’ll love it every time they see the birds that were flitting by in the introduction, the candle that stoked the fire of the writer’s creativity, and a box of chocolates. Get the poet and players might have good fortune coming their way with a multiplier. Find Cupid for more than free spins. Cupid also offers players scatters. Other eye-catching symbols along the way include the pauper, the rich man, the romantic, the love interest, the odd couple, and the rose. The more symbols that appear during play, the better off you are, especially when you have five of the poet or the rich man. The poet ranks highest of all, offering the enticing possibility of 5000 coins when Lady Luck is smiling.

Fall in Love with Love and Money
Getting hooked on Love and Money isn’t hard to do. Rival gives players the option of playing as a guest without any obligation to spend a penny. However, for those who love to put their hearts on the line, Love and Money provides plenty of opportunities to win the jackpot or at least come home with more money than they started with at the beginning of the game. Download Love and Money or choose the instant play option. Sit back at home and enjoy the adventure. When you combine Love and Money, like the makers of the game. you’ll be sure to come back for more. The best part is there are no strings attached, but you could bring home the bacon.

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