Low Key Betting for Mayweather

It has been four months since the last boxing match that Floyd Mayweather was in. That match has proven to be one of the most highly bet events. This time around, the action is very slow. Very few people are placing bets on this fight compared to the previous fight. His current fight is going to be against Andre Berto. As a result, the options are a little more narrow than before. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for the more low-key action in the betting area. There is a vast difference between now and the match between Mayweather and Pacquiao as noted by Jay Rood. For the last fight, he has went on more than three days worth of media interviews and coverage regarding the Mayweather and Pacquiao fight. For this fight, he has done significantly less interviews.

In this fight, Mayweather is a huge favorite. In the previous fight, things were much closer. There were tons of people rushing to the Mayweather and Pacquaio “fight of the century”. The whole fight resulted in Mayweather’s victory, giving him a record of 48-0. The total amount of money wagered in the previous fight wad more than $60 million. This upcoming showdown is going to be a lot smaller than that. Rood has commented on the smaller amount of money being bet on this coming fight stating that one would have to have a lot of confidence in Mayweather’s ability to win this fight. The confidence as to be high enough for one to bet $300,000 in order to win $10,000. Unfortunately, the tickets are saying $100 to win $3.30 which is not a very attractive offer.

The smaller turn out does not take away from the brilliance that Mayweather displays in his defense. Mayweather has a reputation for his ability to defend himself. He has shown himself to have a good strategy and has shown himself to have the ability to be mentally ahead of his opponents. His current opponent, Berto, is going to take on a more aggressive approach which involves his power and agility.

Given the nature of this fight, people are not betting on who is going to win the fight, but merely whether or not someone is going to go the distance with Mayweather. Among the possibilities considered is that Mayweather might run circles around Berto with his speed and the skills he has learned as a boxer. There is the possibility of a technical knockout in this boxing match. Another possibility is that Berto might be the one to end the fight and throw in a good punch that knocks Mayweather out cold. One other possibility is that Mayweather might come at Berto aggressively and do a lot of damage to Berto.

The bets seem to be on who is going to get knocked out. No one is expecting the fight to last a full 12 rounds due to Mayweather’s skill and speed. The previous fight had a large turn out due to the promise of both fighters. Also, the ticket has promised much greater winnings which has encouraged players to bet on who is going to win. One thing that is worth looking at is the streak of the fighters. Mayweather has a winning streak of 48-0. He is still the undefeated champ. Berto, on the other hand has been on a losing streak as of recent. There doesn’t seem to be much of a buzz surrounding this fight due to the match that is set up.

As a result of the nature of the match up, there is very little coverage compared to the previous one. There is also very few bets placed compared to the previous match. The last match featured the best boxers. The fighters went head to head and it was an event. There was a lot of excitement and buzz surrounding the event. Plenty of people have placed bets and watched in anticipation as two of boxing’s favorite fighters went at it in what had to be one of the most exciting matches. Now that all the excitement has passed, very few people are even interested in this match compared to the last match.

While this upcoming match does not have the big “fight of the century” vibe that the previous bout has, it is still certain that many people that tune in to the match are going to enjoy the match for what it is. Fans get to see Mayweather demonstrate his skills against his opponent. Meanwhile, his opponent is going to do the best he can to hold his own against the more skilled and undefeated champion. The betting action is very sparse compared to the previous fight. However, it is probably best for people to take this fight for what it is and leave memories of the former fight at the door when the bell rings and the fighters come in swinging.

Saturday’s Floyd Mayweather and Andre Berto fight is going to provide some great boxing entertainment as Berto defends himself against the more calculated and strategic efforts of Mayweather. Even though the odds are stacked against Berto, he might land a few good hits that will give Mayweather some damage.

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  1. And the winner once again goes to mayweather. He match Rocky Marciano’s fight record 0f 49-0 back to 40’s. The record itself hold for more than 50 years. When Mike Tyson first won The IBF world Champion by defeating Trevor Berbick. The boxing expert predicted that tyson will break Marciano’s record, due of his agressive and brutal boxing style. But they missed. Tyson lost to James Buster Douglas at Tokyo Dome back to 1990 before he can break the record. But back to tyson era, people around the wprld were anxious and eager to see the fight. And as far as i remember, that was one of the sports bet golden era. The tense were so high, And almost every media wrote it a month before and after every Tyson’s fight. And also my memory say that i loved to see him fight. He fought with all determination, speed and power. And i’m sorry if i say this, I’ve watched mayweather’s fight against Berto, and nothing interest me at all, i slept in the middle of the fight. The best mayweather’s fight i have to say is when he was fight with Pacquiao (That was because i like Pacquao style of fight).

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