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Smartphones are some of the most innovative devices on the market. Smartphones offer a lot of features to users and are very popular. Lucky31 understands the popularity of these devices and are offering players a chance to win these devices for themselves. Lucky31 is running a promotion for the full month of May which allows customers to take part in a raffle that awards prizes such as the iPhone 6S and the Samsung Galaxy 7s Edge. The way that players can get involved in a raffle is to do what they already do. The user must play a game, particularly Genii from their mobile phone. As the player spins the reels, he gains more entries into the raffle.

The highest prize is the smartphone that the participant chooses. The top 30 picks are offered free spins bonuses. One of the reasons that players are required to play on mobile phones is because the game is more interactive with the device. The touch screen on mobile devices allows players to spin the reels from any direction with a swipe. Of course there are catches to the free spins prizes. For one thing, the free spins must be used in 3 days. Any winnings earned by the free spins must be gambled 30 times.

Lucky31 casino has made some good choices with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the iPhone 6S. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a brilliant design that grabs the attention of people that are interested in a good smartphone. The only drawback of the smartphone is that it collects fingerprints. However, this is a non issue. The phone has a 5.5 inch screen. The main feature which has been advertised about the smartphone is that it is water proof. It can be dunked in the water for up to 30 minutes without any problems.

The iPhone 6S is a phone that offers huge improvements to the overall function of the device. For one thing, it has greater speed than its predecessor. The body has also been improved to be sturdier. The display has been made to be more pressure sensitive. For taking photos and videos, there is optical image stabilization so that the images can have a greater quality about them. There have been major enhancements made to the iPhone for this model. It has also been optimized for apps that are soon to make an appearance in the app store that are going to make use of the new iPhone functions.

Lucky31 as a casino has plenty of options for the players. Among the games that are available are slot games that have a lot of features. The games typically have great visual and audio presentation. There are also table games that have been wonderfully rendered in order to appear close to the real life versions of the games. Video Poker is faithful to the version played at real life casinos. Lucky31 is available to be experienced on PCs, laptops and mobile devices. Therefore, the player can take the experience with him anywhere he can go.

The promotion is a great way to get people to participate in the games that are offered at the casino. As the grand prize is given to the winner, people will feel a lot of appreciation for the casino and will continue to play there in anticipation for some more of the promotions that are being offered to players. These promotions also encourage more plays with the free spins. Another good thing is that the smartphones that are offered can be used to play the games at the casino. The winners of the raffle contest will have even more options when it comes to the device used to play games at the casino.