Mafia & Money Laundry Through Online Gambling in Germany
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Mafia using online gambling games in Germany for money laundering. Police made helpless, because the rules are so complex. European Court of Justice is now reviewing the law in Germany.

Human trafficking, forced prostitution, drug trafficking. Of this crime mafia gained huge income. UN actual studies conducted show, organized crime grossed 2.1 billion dollars per year. But what does all this money, if it can not be played in the circulation of money legal? For mafia, the practice of money laundering is the main thing.
“Money laundering is not a crime but a multiplication for organized crime.” Explains the origin of Hamburg economist Ingo Fiedler in an interview with Deutsche Welle.

“If there is no money laundering, mafia will not exist.” Fiedler estimates, the mafia boss happy to take advantage of the opportunities of the most convenient and inexpensive for money laundering. And for the online gambling games top ranks.

Online gambling Mastered Mafia

Dirty money bet. Win money clean. With “single money laundering action” such organized criminals feel very satisfied.
According to Ingo Fiedler there is a hint, that the criminal organizations while this is direction ally purchase online gambling exchange or shape itself. The corporate offices of online gambling games are mostly located in countries categorized as a haven for tax plangent and offenders.

If an online casino rake in millions of euros, the German competent authorities can not prove it. “The exchange of information between countries are not going well,” said Fiedler. “Nobody can prove where the money is. But the owners of the company can legally pay it.”

While this is no indication that the Italian mafia is very active, especially in the online gambling game in Germany. In an open hearing at the Board of Finance, November 2012, the Public Prosecutor and the Italian mafia Roberto Scarpinato hunters questioned on this matter.

Based on the result of prosecution there is “tremendous cash flow”, which moved from Italy to Germany and vice verse. 45 The main witness mafia case when questioned told him, that Germany is one of the countries selected for the purpose of money laundering mafia. Which is mainly used intensively are places arcade games and online gambling games.

Swiss law expert Andreas Frank was present when the explanation of the Italian prosecutor in Berlin. That makes it shake his head: “Although the exposure is so clear, the response of the politicians I do not think there is,” said Frank.

Also to present the finance ministry reaction responsible for the problem of money laundering “is equal to zero.” Nothing happened. The central government in Berlin to let the states alone to face the problem.
In practice since 2007, states are responsible for organizing things related to gambling. Decisions that have a major impact.

In January 2012 the German state of Schleswig-Holstein declared unilaterally, online gambling games for the managers from the European Union, as it is legal. Almost one year later the state’s politicians appealing the decision. Dated January 24, 2013 the state government of Schleswig-Holstein terminate the step itself.
But the license has been granted to gambling, can not be withdrawn abruptly. Andreas Frank confident, powerful action to combat laundering and mafia activity in this matter, is almost impossible.

The political efforts recently, by issuing “additional regulation for money laundering law” in December 2012, according to legal experts view it is not enough. Because as well as efforts to curb the illegal market in the sector of gambling games, the rules did not issue any warnings.
Police Helpless

In theory it sounds, as if people can keep an eye on legal employers gambling game online legally and illegal hunting. “But the reality is not so”, said Sebastian Fiedler of the German criminal association officers.
No action to tackle illegal gambling games on the internet. And support of the political? According to Fiedler it inadequate. Personnel trained specifically for the task is very less. And thus illegal online gambling market in Germany continues to grow. Police can only be looked at. The manager does not need to be afraid.
“The condition of this kind of police shock desirable politically,” added economist Ingo Fiedler. Doubts too big, whether in situations of complex legislation in Germany so far, in accordance with the policy of the European Union.

Because, basically, the decision to ban gambling law of the European Court should only be issued, if it have the grounds of public interest, such as the fight against addiction to gambling. But in 2012 the Germans did not hesitate to issue a license for online gambling games, even though it is only done by one state alone the Schleswig-Holstein.

European Court therefore doubted this argument. Dated January 24, 2013 the Supreme Court of Germany filed a formal request to the European Court of Justice to conduct a review of the rules relating to online gambling. If German law is not strong enough in testing, the German market should be open to all entrepreneurs gambling games through a virtual path.