Maine Online Gambling Law

Gambling laws are generally confusing. They vary from country to country, state to state. Some games are legal, some are not. Some jurisdictions within the state may be legal while others are not. It should be of no surprise that online gambling is of a similar nature. While you may be gambling from your living room, the operators may be across the globe. This article has been written so you can understand the legality of online gambling in the state of Maine.

Is online gambling legal? In a word, Yes. There are currentlyno laws that have been created to preventresidentsof Maine from gambling online. Just like drinking, you will have to wait till 21. If you are 16, you will have to settle for the bingo halls. The only real trouble you can get into is winning and not paying your taxes. Please remember that you have to give the tax man his cut.

Is it legal to operate an online casino? There are no laws against internet casinos in the state of Maine.

What about online sports betting? Sport betting is more complicated than other forms of gambling. The statedoes not license online sports betting sites. However, if you make a bet on an offshore account, you will not be penalized.

Can I play online poker legally? Online poker has taken a lot of heat over the last few years. Many of the largest poker sites have banned U.S players.Because of this the selection of games has been limited. Online poker was legal before, “Black Friday”, and continues to be legal. Legitimate, safe and licensed sites can easily be found.

Can I get in any form of legal trouble from gambling? You will not be arrested for online gambling. There are no current laws that make this illegal. Nobody has ever been arrested for online gaming.

The legal debate for online gaming is ongoing. The gaming industry is changing at a faster pace than the lawmakers. They have a difficult time defining where the game is taking place. These games involve people from around the globe. Many sites operate out of The Isle of Man, with players from Maine to California. Many legislatures are against all forms of gambling, and are doing their best to end it. Because of this reason it is important to keep up-to-date on all gambling laws that pertain to you.


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