Mardi Gras Casino, Hallandale Beach – Florida

Location of Mardi Gras Casino in Hallandale Beach, Florida

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Mardi Gras Casino – Florida, United States


The Mardi Gras Casino in Hallandale Beach, Florida is a place to go for fun and enjoyment. It is a place where you can dine to your heart’s content, shop to your heart’s content, choose whatever gaming activity that you would like to play, dance through the night, sit in the bleaches and cheer the greyhound dog on to run, and run more, and leap forward until they win. Although in many ways, it is similar to the celebration of the annual once a year festivities and festival of the well-known Mardi gras celebration in New Orleans, Louisiana, this particular Mardi gras is special on its own. It is an icon. It is a representation of the actual city itself for within itself, it mirrors the festiveness, and the services, and the activities that the town offers. If you wish to visit a city that offers a lot of services and has a lot of activities and events that are fun and that you would enjoy, then visit the City of Hallandale Beach, Florida. If you wish to have even more fun and participate in more gaiety, the place to go to is the Mardi Gras Casino in Hallandale Beach in Florida.

Location and Special Activities That Take Place Because of the Beautiful and Nearby Location of the City
The Mardi Gras Casino, which is located in Hallandale Beach, is one of the easiest places of fun to get to. The City of Hallandale Beach is located very close to the famed and college city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On the other side of the City of Hallandale Beach are the famous and the only city like it in the world, the City of Miami, Florida. The City of Hallandale Beach is next to Aventura and from its easy to find location and central location has easy access to not only one, but to two top internationally designated airports. The Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood Airport and the Miami International Airport are both in easy access to the City of Hallandale Beach and the airport travel makes it easy for guests to come to the Mardi Gras Casino. Other attractions near the City of Hallandale Beach are the Port Everglades, the Port of Miami, and I-95. Tourists enjoy visiting the Hallandale Beach in the City, and they enjoy viewing the tall condo buildings and the tall, hi-rise apartment buildings that are located directly in view of the Beach and the view of the Atlantic Ocean. Tourists enjoy the gaming and the dog races at the casino. There is no doubt about it. The Mardi Gras Casino is a fun place to visit and the surrounding atmosphere even makes it more appealing.

Additional Specialties of the Mardi Gras Casino and the dog racetrack

There is no doubt about the fact about the greyhound dog races are one of the big attractions for guests and for year-round residents. The greyhound dogs with their mild white shining coats of natural hair that is dotted and fringed with a particularly dark black color race like their lives depend on winning. They are trained to be that serious about their purpose and they are undeniably loyal to their cause or winning. The greyhound dogs are all dressed well in shining colorful coats that depict the essence and flavor of the customs and pomp and to-do of a Mardi gras festivity. They each have a number assigned to them and the denoted number is embedded and sewn into their coats. Their noses are muzzled with a soft cloth so that the pebbles and the dust from the track does not irritate and get into their mouths, noses, or anywhere near their eyes. They are naturally fast runners, because of the make-up of their breed. They run and run along the track until one of the dogs reaches the finish line. Tourists can watch this thrilling activity on the bleaches which seat hundreds and hundreds of people and surrounds the race track. Tourists and other guests can watch the festivities, and the excitement of the running, and the winning of the race by watching the Simulcast programs on a wide screen, which is located in a lounge inside the elegance of the casino.

Casino Activities That Are Listed for the Enjoyment of the Guests

One of the nights at the casino is delegated totally for the enjoyment of women. The women are addressed as divas on that night and needless to say they are treated as queens for the day by the Casino staff. There are many activities and events that are scheduled for the enjoyment of the women participants. One activity gives away as a prize a Michael Kors Designer Bag for every time that a woman gains or earns 30 points. There is an idea that supports the idea that anyone can be a winner even if you do not have that much money to play with. This event is called the Big One Texas Hold ‘Em. It is completely free of charge to enter and guests can enter the Free Roll Tournament and give themselves a chance to win 10,000. There are special promotions every day for people to come and enjoy the casino and play its games. All guests can enjoy the excitement of the video games that feature both blackjack and poker. All guests can enjoy and feel the excitement when playing poker at the casino.

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