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Depending on your age, when you think of gaming it can be anything from checkers to backgammon, to Stratego, and so on. You may remember the first video games such as Tetris or Mario, and devices such as, Atari, Xbox and Wii. There are games found on social networking sites such as Facebook. Zynga’s Farmville is one very popular game played through Facebook. There are now apps, so games can be played on ipads or tablets. Well, today most games are played online. Zynga has recently strengthened its reputation in the online gaming revolution by purchasing Rising Tide Games.

Rising Tide is a free social-casino-game company. It is understood that former Zynga executive Maytal Olsha along with Stuart Zobl will be in charge of the startup. Games Beat acquired an exclusive interview with Zynga to make the announcement. So this goes to show that the founder of Zynga, Mark Pincus, has no problem re-hiring executives who had already parted ways with the company. After all he had previously stepped down to allow Don Mattrick to take over as CEO. Pincus returned as CEO after Mattrick failed to produce the anticipated fortunes he promised. Revenues from this acquisition are forecasted to bring in about 3.5 billion dollars this year and possibly reach 4 billion in 2016.

Zynga is not new to the social casino network; Zynga Poker was introduced in 2007. When Zynga went public and began trading on the NASDAQ in 2011, the company hit a bumpy road. That is when the company decided to get out of the real money gambling scene and went back to focusing on virtual goods gambling games. With virtual goods, players can buy needed items for advancement in their game, with points, tokens and purchases within the game. Hit it Rich Casino Slots and Duck Dynasty Slots are two such virtual goods casino games, produced by Zynga.

Maytal Olsha, a former Zynga executive, is the founder and co-CEO of Rising Tide Games, a start up company. Rising Tide Games was founded in 2014 by Olsha and several others. Olsha stated that she was excited to be working with Zynga executives especially Mark Pincus and the Spooky Cool Team of employees along with the Zynga Austin Studio. She also feels that there is still plenty of room in the growing social casino gaming arena. Rising Tides is the developer of the social slots game Black Diamond Casino, which is still in the trial period. She feels that Zynga will bring to the company, a world class commitment to data and analytics, making the gaming experience for consumers the best ever. Zynga has a world renowned class data and analytics team which will help create the best consumer experience possible.

Spooky Cool Labs was the developer of the Hit it Rich Slots which is a leader in the gaming platforms. Zynga acquired the Spook Cool Team in June of 2013. With the acquisition of Rising Tide Games, Zynga feels certain that it will stay that way. Rising Tides is focused on developing engaging, free to play social games, with high fidelity graphics and pop culture iconic brands. The company strives to create personalized consumer experiences. Olsha feels that with the merging of Zynga and their data science and Rising Tide’s high quality game design the two companies can have the best of both worlds, merged into one.

Zynga has grown its Social Slots products by 274% during the second quarter of 2014 and 32% in the second quarter of 2015. Games such as Wizard of Oz Slots have really impressed players. Zynga plans to launch a new mobile slots game later in the year. Zynga’s success is largely attributed to their analytical team. Zynga’s team sifts through 40 – 60 billion rows of data daily. This is real time data that allows the company to understand consumer’s gaming habits. If there is a drop in usage by consumers the data is used to correct whatever issue might be driving that drop. Also, making the games upgradable and changeable provide consumers with options. All this data is shared among all employees whether they are in charge of a game such as Farmville or Zynga Poker, each employee gets to see the data for all games. The company has released many profitable games such as Farmville, which is played through the Facebook Social Network Site. Players are able to visit other farms and share virtual gifts with one another. Due to its popularity, Zynga released several more “ville” games. The release of Cityville surpassed the Farmville game and spin offs include, Castleville and Frontierville, all of which have done well. Zynga is not afraid to attempt marketing new and innovative games. Releases of Mafia Wars, Words with Friends and Cafe World were all hits. Not only can you find these games on Facebook but now, one has only to download an app for use on their iPhone, iPad, or other android device.

Through the merger with Rising Tide Games, the company intends to be just as successful in the casino and slot gaming world. Gamers have a lot to look forward to with this merger. Online gaming is really in its infancy and Zynga has all the intentions to help nurse it to maturity.

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  1. This is very interesting review of Zynga and Rising Tide as I know of both. And with this merger it will without a doubt move Zynga back on top in the Social Media Gaming.

    Now if anyone did not understand why Zynga moved out of public gambling eyes and back to Social Media. Zynga and its executive department knew that it a Paid to play site that they would not be able to be in the US market place. And by not getting into the US marketing Zynga would of lost 50% or more of its clientel.

    So by going back to Social Media Gambling, well actually it is called Gaming, they have been able keep a strong hold in the US Market. No they are not making the type of money they could of if the US Market would of been open for Real Money Gambling, but they have adapted to the new Market.

    And that Market is selling points,chips,bonus’s,memberships to Millions of US residents for Billions of dollars. So yes I take my hat off to Zynga for moving into the US Market with Social Media, and the purchase of Rising Tide.

    This new merger should help Zynga reach a new level in being the top Social Media Gaming Industry.

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