Maryland Online Gambling Law

Although the state of Maryland has slackened its hold toward anti-gambling, attempts to press legislation for online gambling in Maryland have clearly collapsed. However, there is the forward-moving perspective that the infiltration into the internet scenario of its neighbors Delaware and New Jersey, will influence Maryland’s six million residents to encourage ballots adapting legislation for the current online gambling trend.

By the very slim margin of 51.92% to 48.08%, Maryland advocates of live poker achieved tremendous triumph when a public vote for gambling popularity was passed November of 2012, approving the incorporation of table games at all establishments holding a lawful enterprise license for a video lottery. Also, the ballot allowed for 1,500 additional terminals for video lotteries, as well as increasing (from five to six) the greatest amount of video lottery agency licenses granted by Maryland.

Months earlier, the owner of Maryland Live! Casino, David Cordish, reportedly made the statement that his position on “brick and mortar” extensions would slacken if online games in casinos were offered. Not long after, the gossip that online law conversations would intertwine into the August 2012 special ballot session began circulating. In the end, talks of online gambling were not presented during the assembly.

Maryland law discloses that public approval by way of public ballot must occur before the expansion of all Maryland gambling.

Is it permissible for online poker to be played by Maryland players?

That question can only be answered vaguely. According to Maryland law, any betting, wagering, or gambling is unlawful. The laws, lack of a clear cut definition of gambling is a problem. In view of the fact that national opinion is divided regarding whether or not the game of poker is one of skill or chance, the interpretation of online poker is obscured; some say it is gambling, and others say it is not.

In Maryland, more than in any other state, participating in activities of illegal gambling sustains very severe penalties. Maryland stands rigidly against poker games that are non-raked, and bans owning gaming tables, other than billiard tables, for the purpose of playing a game of chance for money, as in gambling. From county to county, the gambling laws in Maryland are different, thus adding to the complexity, and should be noted when considering online gambling choices.

Currently, Maryland’s online gambling conversations are on hold. Optimistically, the state has indicated some attention for online gambling. In fact, one casino owner is in favor of land site casinos contributing an online constituent.

Presently, Maryland’s inactivity regarding online gambling will most likely progress to favoring regulated online gambling, because nearly all of the neighboring states are looking into or have passed statues for online gambling.

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