Massachusetts Online Gambling Law

Massachusetts is one of just a few states in the US that allow residents to play online gambling games such as poker or online casinos. While some states’ online gambling laws say that if someone is caught gambling or playing online gambling games they can be arrested, jailed or fined, Massachusetts doesn’t have that restriction against online gambling playing by its citizens.

Gambling Allowed in Privacy of Own Home

One reason for this is that the existing Massachusetts gambling law was written long before the Internet existed and so there is no mention of online gambling or online gaming. The current Massachusetts gambling law is State Bill 99, which says basically that playing a game for money such as poker or other types of games like cards, etc., is legal so long as you don’t do it in public and you aren’t trespassing onto the property.
So, that means as long as you are gambling or playing gambling games in the privacy of your own home, and you don’t do it in front of a window for the world to see, you are pretty safe and allowed to do it. So, since you would be doing online gambling over a computer, if you do it at home and out of sight from the neighbors, then it is properly fine.

Massachusetts Online Casino Laws

Massachusetts has no law that prevents online gambling and federal law indicates that they are more interested in prosecuting websites that run scams and illegal online gambling, but not necessarily the people who were playing those online games. So, this can be read as that the state and the federal government aren’t concerned about online gambling by people living in Massachusetts, and the residents there shouldn’t be concerned about getting arrested if they want to play online poker or other online gambling games.

Actually, the state legislators in Massachusetts are working towards instituting laws to let the state open up online casinos that would be licensed and taxed accordingly. Some of the nearby states, such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania are already doing this and are making lots of money to help fill up their states’ tax revenue. That means that in the future, Massachusetts residents could actually have more ways to enjoy online gambling.
They are also considering being part of an online poker playing network, which would be something similar to Powerball types of lotteries that are done over multi-states.

The bottom line is that if you are a resident of Massachusetts, it is not illegal for you to play poker or do other kinds of online gambling like online casinos. So, if you enjoy online gambling and live in Massachusetts, go ahead and have some fun.

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