Massachusetts State Transportation Secretary Backs Permit For Wynn Casino

The new casino project planned by Steve Wynn has reached its final hurdle before it can break ground. Steve Wynn is the Las Vegas magnate who is worth billions, and his casinos bear his name all over the world. The Wynn Casino in Las Vegas is his personal home, and he owns properties all over the world. Wynn has shifted his focus from projects in Asia to a project in Boston that would serve all of New England. The east coast of America is a perfect location for more casinos, and the train service will take people into Boston when they want to gamble at this new location.

Wynn’s plan for the Boston casino would make the casino the largest development in the state, but the size of the development will bring millions in revenue to the area. Wynn’s casino will be a large space that is comparable in size to a professional sports stadium, but the hotel and casino combined will become a money machine for the state. There has been opposition to the project, but that opposition was all but quashed when a state secretary stepped up to offer support for the casino.

Who Is Opposing The Casino

Boston and two surrounding cities are suing the state over the casino project, and there are opposition groups that do not want the casino to be built. The casino will cause traffic problems in the area, and there are environmental groups who oppose the casino on environmental grounds. Modern developments are massive in their scope, and the new Wynn casino must be managed properly during construction.

The environmental commissioner is taking his time coming to a decision, and there are people lobbying every day to have the project stopped in its tracks. Steve Wynn can begin construction on the project when he gets his permit, but the permit has still not been approved. Everyone who is against the casino has lobbied the state environmental commission to stop the permit, but someone has stepped up to say the project needs to go forward.

Why Would The State Transportation Commissioner Support The Casino?

The casino project proposed by Steve Wynn will bring thousands of jobs to the area, and the state will begin making money on the casino on its first day. Steve Wynn runs massive operations that are marketed perfectly, and he will have the casino filled to capacity most of the time. People all over New England can vacation at the resort, and people in the Boston area can use the casino to spend their disposable income.

Keeping a casino in Boston prevents residents from taking their gambling money to Las Vegas, and the money the state makes will help with all sorts of programs the state offers. Casinos are cash cows for the states that host them, and Massachusetts officials understand how much money a casino will bring in when it is finished. The support of the state transportation secretary is not surprising, but the nature of the rebuke is intriguing. Rebuking another state official is a unique tack to take, but the transportation secretary understands the importance of the jobs and revenue the casino will produce almost overnight.

The State Transportation Secretary Sends Her Letter Of Support

The state secretary for transportation has sent in her opinion on the Steve Wynn casino project in a pointed letter on the situation. Her letter states obvious facts about her involvement in the case. Her department must participate in the transportation solutions for the site, and she is willing to work with a regional committee while the casino is constructed. One regional commission can create a traffic relief ordinance that will involve every city in the lawsuit in the planning process.

The most intense objections to the casino are related to traffic, and the person who can make the biggest difference in the project is ready to let the project go on as planned. There will be incredible traffic around Sullivan Square, but three cities are suing over the traffic alone. Somerville, Revere and Boston are suing the state because they want to halt the project, but the state official who can help alleviate traffic is ready to work with Steve Wynn on traffic congestion.

Steve Wynn’s Pledge

Steve Wynn has pledged $7 million to the state for subway and transportation costs. Extending the subway to the casino will help people make their way from Logan Airport to the casino, and extra bus lines will prevent a traffic nightmare around the development. Wynn’s plan will make the casino the largest private building in the state, and the property will span several acres. Solving the transportation problem makes way for the Wynn Casino, and the transportation secretary’s support should be more than enough for the environmental commissioner.

No Decision Yet

There is no decision yet from the Massachusetts Environmental Commission, but a decision is expected soon. The commission is carefully considering all the evidence they have been presented, and Steve Wynn cannot begin working on the casino without this final permit. The permit will allow the Wynn Corporation to schedule their groundbreaking soon, and the groundbreaking will create a casino development that gives people in the state hope for a better life.

The state of Massachusetts is lucky to have Steve Wynn preparing to build a large casino in the state, and the state obliged Wynn with an exclusive gaming license. Wynn can use that license to make the state millions of dollars in tax revenue, and one state official is willing to challenge to another state official to make it happen. The state standoff between two elected officials will likely bring the Wynn Casino to the Boston area soon.

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