Mazatzal Hotel & Casino in Payson, Arizona – United States

Location of Mazatzal Hotel & Casino in Payson, Arizona

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Photos of Mazatzal Hotel & Casino:

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Some Interesting Thoughts on the Mazatzal Hotel and Casino in Payson, Arizona

Description of the Surroundings of the Mazatzal Hotel and Casino

More than one personal view of history comes to mind when driving through the expansive, notably western roads to the Mazatzal Hotel and Casino in Payson, Arizona. More than one imaginative thought ignites into bright lights while driving through the pure and pristine pine-covered wooded areas of the Mazatzal wilderness. The forests are expansive, dotted continuously with the strong, valued Ponderosa Pine trees. The wilderness contains approximately 252,500 acres of rich timberland that is found in very few other places in the world. The area has been named the Tonto and Coconimo National Forests. The forests were first established in 1940. Years later in 1985, the forests were expanded. The forest takes its name, the Mazatzal wilderness from a Mexican word, which has the meaning, a special meaning of the land that the deer inhabit.

Description of the Mountains

The mountains are located near to the wilderness and the fascinating thin trails that marked distances for so many Apache Indians tribe members are still there. Some are not wide enough for a horse to travel through. Below the very steep foot trails, on the west side of the mountains the Verde River flows with its pristine waters. The waters make for a striking, unique contrast with the very scenic and colorful hues of grays and blues of the nearby Mazatzal Mountains and their four notable peaks near Payson, Arizona. The mountains are a most prominent landmark in the history of the Phoenix, Arizona area. The Mazatzal Mountains are described generally as a mountain range, which is located in the south central region near Phoenix. The mountain range is described as about 30 to 45 minutes northeast of the city of Phoenix and the large metropolitan area and growing number of people in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Description of the original inhabitants of the land, the Apache Indians

History comes to life in this area and the many delightful and enchanting folktales handed down from generation to generation come to life on this area when talking about some of the local inhabitants of the area, the Apache people. While riding along the road to the Mazatzal Hotel and Casino try to visualize the Apaches as they once were. They were a nomadic tribe who inhabited the area thousands of years before anyone else came to live in this region. Today the White Mountain Apache tribe lives approximately 194 miles northeast of Phoenix. The Apaches today live on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation on a given 1.6 million acres of land which had been their ancestral land for thousands of years. Today, the people are much steeped in their traditions, but today their livelihood depends on several tribal enterprises, the growing of fruits and vegetables, and the raising of cattle.

Description of the Mazatzal Casino and Hotel

As you come closer to the Mazatzal Casino and Hotel, you can see the huge conglomerate of buildings from the distance. Although the casino is a modern day vacation and tourist attraction, and the hotel has been designed to accommodate all guests with excellence, one cannot help but think of the frontier days when frontiersmen and Indians traded their pelts and skins from deer, raccoon, and buffalo, and bear for guns and ammunition, and multiple food provisions, and blankets for living in the wilderness.

The Mazatzal Hotel and Casino is located in Payson, Arizona and the city of Payson is located in the middle of the map between routes 260, 87, and 99. Located to the right of the city is rout 260 and route 277. Directly to the right of the hotel is the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. Located to the left of Payson are rout 20, Camp Verde, route 17, and the Aqua Fria National Monument. People coming from further left, are coming from Prescott Valley, route 69, and Prescott.
Popular hotels located nearby are the Knights Inn, Days Inn and Suites of Payson, Motel 6 Payson, America’s Best Value Inn, and Quality Inn Comfort Inn Payson.

Descriptions of the Casino

The contrast of the past to the modern day era of casinos comes forth as one enters the casino. It is alight with slot machines, which are placed wall to wall. Offered are 400 slot machines, video poker, blackjack, and bingo. The casino is spotlighted amongst a room filled with live entertainment, a room which is called the mountain range, and a room which features fry breads for the families that visit. There is a specially designed lounge, which is called the Apache Spirits Lounge. And there is another room, which is called the Hogs Gone Off-Roading. Take your choices. There are many selections of activities and festivities to choose from.

Description of the Hotel

The special amenities, which are found in all rooms include a refrigerator, a wet-bar, coffee, especially designed for internet usage the WiFi high speed internet service, a large pool which pure and filtered water that contains a Jacuzzi for those people who like to warm up their bodies before taking a swim. The view beyond the pool’s balcony is breathtaking. One can see all of the Mazatzal Mountains as though it was a picture, painted by a famous artist, and hanging on the wall. All of the rooms are very large. The queen- sized rooms feature queen size beds, a separate bedroom, bathrooms that are enhanced by the naturalness of granite rock tiles. The televisions are flat screened and very large.

Dining at the Casino or the Hotel

Dining at the casino and at the hotel is designed to meet your every day needs. There is the choice of fine dining in elegant detail or eating in a casual or quick manner. There are four restaurants that are designed for the guest’s eating pleasure. They are the Dining Cedar Ridge Restaurant, the Apache Spirits, The Grille, and the Coffee Korner.

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