MelcoLot expects 2nd phase soon of Spain casino tender

Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd. is eagerly looking forward to putting the second phase of their tendering process into motion, with the intention to award the most qualified bidders to develop and construct their resort/casino and entertainment establishment in Barcelona, Spain.

Spain, home of some of the wealthiest individuals in the world, is a destination made famous the world over because of its lax extradition laws. With hundreds and thousands of millionaires and billionaires, both legal and illegal, not unlike Israel, is filled with citizens who have come into secret wealth and love to party. Places like Marbella and Ibiza Spain are often seen as a stage for the wealthy to flaunt their extravagant financial stature.

According to Melco Crown Entertainment co-chairman Lawrence Ho Yao Lung, the development project, which will birth Spain’s most lavish and opulent casino/resort will begin construction as soon as a suitable bidder for the construction becomes apparent.

MelcoLot Ltd., which makes the majority of its capital as a number one provider of sports bets in Asia feels that for the sake of the company, it is best to expand their business and commerce operations to other countries, establishing Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd. as the single, largest stakeholder of gaming and casino franchises in the world.

Corporate filings from MelcoLot Ltd. reveal the companies proactive efforts to hire contractors and develop the multibillion-dollar casino/resort. Filings also reveal the company’s efforts to bring resort, gambling and casino gaming to Eastern Europe, particularly to the country of Georgia. Although the process of settling the terms of land lease are taking longer than expected, Melco Crown Entertainment has taken on a new partner to ensure its rapid and smooth development.

In an effort to isolate MelcoLot from being sued, they created Express Wealth; a company that plays the crucial role of acting as the Eastern European branch of Melco Crown Entertainment.

The Firich Enterprises Co Ltd is a slot machines manufacturer and a major supporter of Melco Lot and its decision to expand their corporation. FirichCo has invested millions of dollars the Eastern European casino development project, hoping to speed along the creation process. Firich Enterprises Co Ltd has also invested heavily into the highly anticipated Tigre de Cristal casino, a casino/resort hybrid located in Russia.

Another holding company controlled by the Melco Crown founder Mr. Ho revealed to the Hong Kong stock exchange that the doors of the Tigre de Cristal casino would open early third-quarter of this year.

Melco Crown Entertainment is the single/largest owner of entertainment resorts in the world. They are a public corporation worth nearly $2 billion immediately upon going public. According to sources, Melco Crown entertainment is one of the most exciting initial public offerings when they were offered, eventually becoming one of the top five IPO’s in that year.

Melco Crown Entertainment is offered publicly, not just on NASDAQ. They are also available to the stock markets in Hong Kong, making it a true multinational corporation.
Because of their status and respect in the world of gaming, they have received a license to run casinos and resorts in the country of Macau, an honor that only has only been bestowed upon six companies in history.

With countless projects underway in Macau, one that comes to mind as a quintessential example of what Melco Crown entertainment is capable of is the Altira Macau hotel. The Altira Macau hotel is a resort destination that offers top-notch gaming accommodations, exclusively catering to extravagantly wealthy and high-end clients with a desire for top-notch entertainment and high-stakes gambling.

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