Menominee Tribe Announces The Availability Of Jobs Despite Waiting On Governor Walkers Decision

In Kenosha Wisconsin, the Menominee Indian Tribe has been on the mission of expanding their tribe’s business portfolio by opening a new casino and hotel. The Menominee tribe is excited about the prospect of thousands of jobs and millions in revenue. However, the decision needed by Governor Walker has not been announced. Regardless, the casino has gone ahead with pre-emptive steps including a web site taking job applications.

In September of 2013, Governor Walker was expected to sign the legislature for the go ahead on the construction of the gambling site. However, Governor Walker filed for an extension on his decision so that it would not interfere with his re-election efforts. The extension gave Walker extra time, but that time is running out. Walker only has five more months to sign the bill that will definitely benefit the state of Wisconsin in more than one way. These delays have not stopped the Menominee Nation from moving ahead with their plans.

The Menominee Nation has begun moving ahead with the organization of the workings that will be in place for the new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. The projected business is estimated to employ more than 10,000 people between the two venues. This opportunity is huge for the people of the tribe who have spent their lives in poverty as well as revenue for the entire state of Wisconsin. Many of these jobs will provide a steady income for tribal members who have fallen on hard times. These jobs will allow the people of this community to gain independence and self worth once again. The casino has set up connections for potential employees to be able to utilize this information easily online.

In an attempt to get ahead of the demand, the Menominee Indian Tribe has set up a website that potential employees can visit. On this website, the prospective employees can register to view different opportunities that are available for employment. Some of the potential areas for employment that these applicants have to choose from include management, security, food service, and engineering. Potential employees will be able to view the available jobs as well as get detailed information about each position available. There they will also find the qualifications and restrictions required for employment in each area. This site will also allow visitors to look over the employee benefits that will be available upon their employment as well. Information about the projected hotel and casino and its business owners and practices is also available.

Although the setting up of this site is premature to the signing of the target legislation, there has been great interest in the jobs that are potentially available. Since launching the website, there have been over three hundred applicants. This number is for only the applicants received after the twelfth of September of this year. The interest and competition for these jobs is a clear indicator of how important this development is to the Menominee nation. These jobs will offer employment to a large range of employees. The site is accepting applications for positions in areas such as; retail, entertainment, culinary arts, food service, logistics, security, engineering, technical support, cafe management, and hotel management. There will also be positions open for administrative jobs in the human resources and financial departments. Regardless of all of the benefits that this million-dollar business will bring to the state, not everyone is as excited about it as the Menominee Tribal Community.

There are many people who are opposed to the development and operation of this casino and hotel that is projected to be built at the old Dairyland Greyhound Park. The Milwaukee area Native American Tribe the Potawatomi is not at all convinced that the building of this facility is a good decision. They believe that this casino and hotel is nothing more than a moneymaker for another Indian tribe that is located in Florida. The Potawatomi believe that the money earned from the new Wisconsin business will be sent to the organization in Florida that potentially would be running the development and management of the project. The tribe is also concerned with the unusual fact that the website is recruiting potential employees without actually having the go ahead on the construction of the business.

Bringing new business to the Wisconsin communities is an important step to the economic health of the state. The Menominee Indian Tribe is proposing the opening of a new casino and hotel in Kenosha, which has met some opposition. Despite the setbacks and delays, the Menominee Indian Tribe has gone ahead in a positive direction by accepting applications from potential employees even before the go ahead has been approved. This pre-emptive strike will allow the casino to expedite their hiring process as soon as Governor Walker gives the go ahead on the project.

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  1. I hope they’ll meet their expectation.. for all this time, they treat like a minority in their ancestors land.. this is how they can get their equality rights to be as wealth as the other US citizen.. and by the time, they’ll be a boss in their ancestors land..

  2. Hard way to be a pioneer..but surely there it will be bright tommorow..

  3. Yes gozy, we always sad to see them.. living in poverty in they own land, the wealthiest nation on earth.

  4. Heads off to the persons whose took such beneficial steps for the people of Menominee Tribe. As this tribe’s people are living in poverty from many years. So, it’s really a good decision to provide the job’s availability for people to make them stronger as wealth. I think Governor Walker should not take so much time to pass this bill. He should keep himself in the top of the list whose are in favour of tribe’s people. From today, I never think about that casino can help people in this way.

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